Zacharias' music is full of energy, feeling, soul and attitude. The music hits you in your face as much as it punches you in your stomach. It may be hard to define the bands genre but you know its good music when you hear it.This is a hard working rock band that would sell a toe to get a gig.


The band formed after getting a gig in Kristiansand. This was a charity event for Amnesty International. They had about five days to write 4 songs and it worked so well they decided to form the band.

The band has in the short amount of time they've played together won two "battle of the bands" and gotten a record deal with a small independent label in Kristiansand. They have recorded all winter and are planning to release theyr debut record in the fall of 08.

The music of Zacharias has wide variety of genres. Some songs would be labeled "pop" even if they arent that mainstream, some might be labeled hard rock or prog rock, and if you listen to the recordings of this band you will hear influences from all kinds of music. Classical, jazz, progrock, metal, pop, rock and blues.


The band is planning they're debut record to release the fall of 08.

"Kjellerrock 07"- A live record. The record is live recordings from the "kjellerrock 07" wich is a battle of the bands with nearly 30 bands. Zacharias won this contest.

Set List

"Help Me" 5min
"Persnal Gain" 5min
"Alone" 4min
"Vampire" 5min
"Harlot" 4mini
"Maid" 5min
"Typo" 4min