Zachari Smith

Zachari Smith

 Kelowna, British Columbia, CAN

NEW ALBUM RELEASED: "A Country Once Forested" now for sale. Zachari Smith is a one of a kind mix of original folk and alternative country. His songwriting and voice harken back to early Dylan coupled with beatlesque sensibilities.


"Smith...has great energy and persistence that comes across easily" Christopher Williams, AnE Vibe Magazine.

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Zachari Smith toured across Canada/ Us with his sophomore album "A Country Once Forested" in August/ September 2008.

"A Country Once Forested" is a roots folk album with a country influence.

"Calling Out" Zachari Smith's debut CD given a 3 star review by AnE Vibe.

Zachari Smith is an accomplished songwriter and musician. He toured solo across Canada and the US in 2008 to support his second album “A Country Once Forested.” Zachari is also an accomplished drummer who has toured and worked in the studio with numerous bands (playing at CWM, NXNW, WCMA etc). Zachari Smith comes from a strong folk background of his father, Andrew Smith (who is a acoustic tap-style guitarist Zachari has been avidly playing music in the folk scene since his first CD “Calling Out” was released in 2006. He performs frequently, solo and with The Family Band ( in Canada and the US. Zachari Smith, strongly influenced by his father Andrew Smith adds the music of David Bazan (Pedro the Lion), Ryan Adams, Mason Jennings, Hawksley Workman, Elliott Smith, and Radiohead. His songwriting speaks to the political, social and cultural problems of the global society, while helping to move beyond simple critique with visions for the future.


Calling Out

Written By: Zachari Smith

All I’ve felt today
Is mirrored in your face
And I wonder how
We can feel the same right now
With all our past
There’s no way this will last
But all I need
Is the start in this seed

Calling Out
I was lost from the start
Calling out
It’s so hard to fall apart

All that we have been
but nothing can be seen
Cause It starts inside
this love no one can hide

Surely I’m not the only one
Who can make you feel love

Picket Fence or Bust

Written By: Zachari Smith

Sun and Moon will catch me coming around the bend
sparking oil wells inside my head
I've travelled dusty roads and turned to dust
slipping through your fingers picket fence or bust.

I grew up on the mainland i had it all
a perfect house, half a mile from the mall
and i sent my son to war, to keep this world just
he killed a thousand souls picket fence or bust

looking back on the interstate, i see where we went wrong.
if i could place it in time, it would be right before the war, right before the bombs.
now I've seen the giants fall, and i've seen the struggle, through the fear.
panicked souls fighting, i've seen it disapear.
i've seen our dreams disapear.

moving throught he prairies, looking for some grain and something to keep my family out of the rain.
I'm travelling the country, it's just miles of dust
there is nothing left out here, picket fence or bust.


Written By: Zachari Smith

first snow of the year

the change is instant

three cords of wood disappear

into the fire place

we’ve been dreaming for so long

catch my fingers, as they come down your spine

and we’ll keep on till the first thaw

feel our hearts move like our ancestors did

we thought the snow wouldn'’t stay

but nature fooled us

everyday gets a little colder

drifting apart like the earth and the sun

so lift up the cords, as the woods listen

here the sound of branches crashing to the floor

smoke keeps rising from the forest’s coals

feel our hearts move like our ancestors did

dreams take some time

hearts move slowly

but in the spring we’ll be singing

We’ve been dreaming to too long

so catch my fingers as they come down your spine

and we’ll keep on till the first thaw

feel out hearts move like our ancestors did


Zachari Smith "A Country Once Forested" (2008
Zachari Smith "Picket Fence or Bust (single)" (2008)
Zachari Smith "Calling Out" (2006) This CD can now be bought on Itunes, and many more online retailers.
Zachari Smith "EP" (2005)

Set List

A typical set includes original tunes and audience participation; there are usually 2, 45-50 minutes sets.
Zachari occasionally covers Mason Jennings, David Bazan, Ryan Adams, Marc Cohn, Gillian Welch, Josh Ritter etc.