Zachary Adam

Zachary Adam

 Pleasanton, California, USA

I am a pop songwriter based of the San Francisco Bay Area. Looking for musicians and singers to collaborate with. Let me get in your mind, get it on paper and make it a record. I wanna make you feel.


Everyone has a story.
Everyone has their truth.
It's just that some of us need help expressing it.
That is where I come in.

I have been writing since I was 14. I probably love pop music and pop culture more than any human should. I am influenced by the writing styles of Linda Perry, Sia, Max Martin, and Greg Kurstin. I love indie music as well, I am also influenced by bands like The xx, The Gossip, Passion Pit and The Yeah Yeah Yeah's. Growing up in an urban area also has hevily influenced by writing style. My writing has heavy R&B undertones as well. Growing up around strong women in my life I am pretty good at writing from a female's perspective as well. All these elements combined together I feel make me a well rounded songwriter that can adapt to any kind of situation.

I just love to get in a person's mind and see how they tick. Get to the the heart of them and just write honest music. I am a avid concert goer and have a passion for live music. When I write I like to think how this song would be performed live.

I am looking for singers/producers/collaborators to work with. I live in the East Bay outside of Oakland but make it to Los Angeles often. I am looking forward to hearing from you and can't wait to make some music.