Zachary Isaiah

Zachary Isaiah

BandHip Hop

I Rap the Holy Bible


My influence is Jesus Christ He sent angels over me in a car wreck headed to aparty one night on crystal meth two freinds in the car guy, girl I was 15 years old with no licsense to drive in ogilville driving 90 miles an hour went over a hill to hit a direct 90 degree turn to the left if I continued striaght would have bursted through a guard rail and off a ten foot ditch to the left a little a 9 foot ditch, I turned the wheel to the left the car spins to the left immpossiple by gods hand now im on the oppposite side of the road front tires on the road back tires in a 4 foot ditch sliding 45 miles per hour. We were headed to hit a 7 to 8 foot high pile of cut up tree logs where we would havbe flipped and the car blown up. Angels came over me I turned the wheel to the right and to the left or left and to the right god swung us out of the ditch and we did a 360 degree turn and land perfectly on the road. DIn't fase me. God through me raps his Holy Bible


God and Me mixtape feuturing Jason Anderson me Zachary Isaiah rapper

Set List

god and me the only one recorded but can freestyle a whole show and am writting the bible to a beat from producer Brain Harris check him out on myspace hes the next hit promise jesus knows. 19 out of high school