Zachary Stevenson

Zachary Stevenson


Is a professional singer/songwriter, actor, multi-instrumentalist, producer and occasional disco-dancer. With undeniable charisma, Zach has honed his own sound through emulating Phil Ochs, Buddy Holly, Hank Williams in live theatre productions, creating an eclectic and highly entertaining show.


Zachary Stevenson is a Vancouver-Island born, professional singer/songwriter, actor, multi-instrumentalist, producer and occasional disco-dancer frequently living in Toronto.

With a BFA in Theatre from Uvic, Zach has performed on stages from Victoria to Halifax. Theatre highlights include the Belfry’s hit production of Urinetown, the Musical; CanStage’s revival of Hair; the title character in two, touring one-man shows: The Ballad of Jim Pane and the Ballad of Phil Ochs, and 5 productions crossing 3 provinces as Buddy Holly in the Buddy Holly Story.

Also a professional singer/songwriter, Zach performs his own songs often with his band, the Human Statues, which rocked the Ottawa Blues Fest along with KISS last summer.



Written By: Zachary Stevenson

The old rusty slide
still stands in the yard
The three legged cat
made a home beneath the old dead car
The blackberry bush
now fills in the rows
The apples on the trees
is just dinner for crows
The bark's getting sore
the deer keep coming around
The paint peels on the barn
and flakes to the ground

Now we're grown and we've left town
And so few friends are still around
Mom and dad decided to split
They're selling our house
This is it,

The rooster that crowed
now sounds like a shriek
The tractor sits alone
and never speaks
The wild grass grows
so proud and so tall
And knows not to fear
the motor blades at all
Because this land
dad once tried to feed
Has been left to it's own
and has all gone to seed


Goodbye to my room
that knows me best of all
Goodbye to the house
we'll no longer call
Goodbye to the yard
Were we used to play
Goodbye to my youth
that's slipping away


While I'm Here (2007)

Band (The Human Statues)

Sweet Sorrow for the Happily Departed (2006)

Selt Titled (2008)