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"Farragut Christian Church welcomes new worship minister"

Zach Below’s first service at Farragut Christian Church fell on a day unlike any other.

As the church’s new worship minister, Below was charged with leading the music on Sept. 11, when many attend church seeking extra comfort as they recall events following the worst terror attacks on our country.

Below was up to the challenge. He comes to Farragut after two years serving as a youth minister in Maryville.

“We felt like God was calling us here. We needed to follow,” Below said about he and his wife’s, relocation to Farragut. Below is married to his high school sweetheart, Jaime, who is studying for her Ph.d. in psychology.

Below was also hired as FCC’s compassion minister. It’s a job that speaks to the role of churches’ past.

“The original church was to meet the needs of the community,” he said.

Below, whose father is also a worship minister, said working in music was a natural choice for him.

“The first time I heard James Taylor, I realized I was into music,” he said.

Below said he starting writing music in high school and later produced a CD of original music featuring, “songs about relationships in my life.”

Below plays guitar on the CD.

“I think it’s important for Christians to not only be in the Christian music industry,” he said.

Music at FCC is a blending of new music and classic hymns.

“But the hymns have a little kick to them,” Below said. “There are some beautiful hymns that we don’t want to forget about.”

As for living in Farragut, Below said, “We love it here. It’s a nice town to be in and call home.”

Farragut Christian Church, established in 1963, holds Sunday morning services beginning at 10:30 a.m. The church is located at 138 Admiral Road.

Zach Below's website is
- Farragut Press- Leslie Tucker


Catchy melodies with an upbeat acoustic sound. Zach Below infuses rock and country with a strong voice and fresh lyrics. Each song has it's own unique vibe and always keeps you wanting to hear what's next. Zach's debut album is one you could cruise to on a road trip with the top down on a sunny day.
- Shut Eye Records- Lauren Aparicio


Still Hanging On- Demo CD 2003
1. Jaime Lynn
2. Made Up My Mind
3. The Good Ol' Days
4. Fall All Over

A Thousand Words- Just Released Debut CD- 09/2005
1. Made Up My Mind
2. Just Friends
3. Fall Into Mine
4. Follow Me
5. Jaime Lynn
6. Leave Me Here
7. More of Myself
8. Riverside
9. Wasting Time
10. Deep Green Dreams
11. The Watchman



"Music is my Ritalin." That is what young musician Zach Below says when asked about the role music plays in his life. "It is my outlet. If I didn't have a guitar in front of me, I don't know what I'd do with all my energy."
Zach Below creates a mix of acoustic rock and country rock/pop that continues to pull in fans of many different genres. He creates lyrically driven songs with music that can stand on it's own. His music is just the right fix for long road trips with the windows down.
Growing up in Evansville, IN, Zach Below was immersed into music at a young age. His father was a music minister at a church in Evansville and quickly employed Zach to play a variety of instruments including guitar, drums, and keys. "I love that I grew up playing in church. It helped me feel right at home on stage. Now the bigger the crowd the better. The stage is where I feel comfortable," Zach says. A fact that is evident when you see him perform live.
Zach began writing music as a sophomore in high school. What began as a hobby developed into a career. He bagan playing at local parties and among friends. That turned into smaller gigs. Then, in September of 2005 Zach Below released his debut album with producer and musician Morgan Cryar of Premier Records in Nashville. The current songs on Zach's album are an overflow from his life. "To me it all boils down to one thing...relationships. All emotion stems from what is going on in the relationships in your life, and my songs are simply pictures of the relationships in my life."
Zach Below's debut album "A Thousand Words" was just released in September. "They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and my songs are all pictures from my life. I went with the title "A Thousand Words becuase I'm painting pictures through music." As of right now, Zach is distributing his project himself, and is working hard to get it into as many hands as possilbe. In addition, he is loaded with gigs and always looking for more. In the next month and a half Zach will travel to Indiana, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Virginia for shows. "I love the road and try to be on it as much as I can. There are limits though when you are doing it all yourself." In light of that, Zach Below is looking to be picked up by a record company that loves making music. He is also trying to communicate with booking agents, radio promoters, and managers. "I'm ready to dive in 110%. I love the direction I am headed and I'm just waiting for the right people to work with. I love my life and can't wait to see what happens in the next 20 miles.

Zach Below