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Introducing Zach Broocke, a young singer-songwriter who delivers his own versatile blend of Americana pop on his debut CD, Be Somebody. The 11 tracks from this sophisticated album are equal parts heartland rock and progressive folk decorated with straight-ahead pop sensibilities.

Broocke has assembled a handful of topnotch musicians, each bringing their own distinctive flavor to this polished recording. From Milwaukee, by way of Nashville, Broocke is an old soul with a contemporary twist.

Broocke could break hearts with his melancholy swoon in the tracks "Fall Apart" and "Come Cut In," yet he displays an edgier grit on the rockabilly-esque track "Ugly Boys." The title track is fit for airplay on any Alternative/AAA station.

The album contains earnest and bittersweet songs with hooks that follow you around for days. Pay attention; We will be hearing more from Broocke in the future. - PERFORMING SONGWRITER MAGAZINE (June 2004)


With detectable tinges of Jason White, Mark Cohn, and David Gray, Zach Broocke storms ahead with a vibrant, resonant buzz, taking the rural, rugged, good and gritty, sand paper texture of Americana and combining it with the urban, lush, sonic and chewy swirls of pop.

Sealing the deal with his classic Americana vocals, both coarse and friendly, this album rocks from start to finish with track after track of professionally-polished, meticulously-crafted songs for the urban cowboy, city slicker and inner cowgirl/boy in everyone.



1.Be Somebody
2. Pulling Up The Drive
3. Cut In
4. For Tonight
5. Fall Apart
6. Ugly Boys
7. This Time
8. Stay With Me Now
9. Kathleen
10.On You
11. Final Goodbye


1. Anywhere But Here
2. Play It For Me
3. New Mexican Destination
4. Just Can't Wait
5. No Going Back

BE SOMEBODY released April 2003




Zach Broocke, pronounced Zak Brook for all you substitute teachers out there, is ready to show the world what he’s made of. Born in Milwaukee, WI on a blistering June afternoon in 1979, this aspiring singer songwriter made his way south to Nashville, TN. Armed only with blue jeans, a guitar, and the mind of a twenty-two year old (so far as that goes), Zach set out on a mission. His mission? To ensure that from now on when people think about the state of Wisconsin they not only think about the wonderful world of cheese, but “hey…Wisconsin…that’s where that musician-artist-singer-songwriter is from right? How do you spell his name? Let’s go buy his new record ...
and a block of mild cheddar.”

This humble artist played Nashville until his fingers bled, covered the lacerations with super-glue to dull the pain, and continued to play. Fortunate for him, Nashville’s finest crop of revolving-door musicians not only had a surplus of super-glue, but an open ear for up-and-coming talent.

Boasting guitar performances from Kevin Teel (Matthew Ryan and Holly Williams) and Adam Landry (Allison Moorer), Broocke’s debut full-length album holds it’s own in every department- from western hats to golf knickers and boots, clean up on aisle 9. Recorded at Bucky Baxter’s studio in Nashville and featuring the Bob Dylan and Ryan Adams band mate on pedal steel, Be Somebody is a finely blended sample of Americana singer-songwriter jam with a hint of butter-flavored pop-rock sensibility. Not to be mistaken for margarine or jelly; Just some home-cooked tunes, making their way to your stereo via an old-fashioned independent release.

Now in his mid twenties Zach has taken up new residence in the Hollywood Hills. Backed by a new, rocking group of musicians including Jamie Wallum on drums (Jackson Browne), Jared Leifert on bass, and Justin Schier on keys, all based out of Hollywood, California, the sounds of Zach Broocke are creeping into the ears of music lovers and industry leaders everywhere. Through hard work, perseverance, and certain acquired confidence, Broocke hopes that with each new song comes a new depth of lyrical, instrumental and even emotional connection. He strives for the common goal among artists, to obtain a connection with his audience through the pulse of his music. Broocke's rough, folk-inspired vocals and rock pop sensibility tell a familiar story in a new way. Zach looks forward to sharing his stories with the rest of the world. He is currently promoting his debut album, rocking out venues across the nation, and anticipates a fresh and enticing album coming soon to a pair of headphones near you.