Zach DeFosses

Zach DeFosses

 Laconia, New Hampshire, USA

The sound made by my fingertips striking the black and white keys delivers the complexity of one of the most beautiful instruments in the world; Piano.


Zachary DeFosses was born in Concord, New Hampshire the son of Philip Sr. & Linda DeFosses, May 6th 1983. When he was 5, he began to play the piano. By age 12, he had begun composing instrumental pieces on piano and, while living in Franklin, New Hampshire, he won the Franklin High School Talent show sophomore year. By age 18, Zach attended Franklin Pierce College majoring in Music Education. He left College to pursue playing keys in several different bands before joining “Side One.” It wasn't long before “Side One” placed 1st competing in a battle of the bands at Milly's Tavern in Manchester, New Hampshire. “Side One” was asked to open for "2am Club" in Rome, New York, in 2008. The performance lit up the stage increasing the amount of support from friends, family and fans to continue forward with the possibility of touring. The momentum of “Side One” came to a dead stop, when drummer P.J. DeFosses suffered a knee injury late 2008. The outcome of no drummer was the breakup of “Side One.” With the disappointment of what happened with “Side One,” Zach stopped burning time with bands and centered his focus on solo piano compositions. He registered with performing rights society BMI in 2011. In December of 2012, the company Indigi Music added 3 songs composed by Zach to their music catalog on an exclusive basis. June of 2013, Zach was licensed with Parma Recordings and offered the opportunity to become part of their catalog on a non-exclusive basis. As a composer, and advocator of music, Zach has begun laying the foundation of starting a music program local to where he lives. He continues to write new songs and look for the next music opportunity.

Set List

The average length of my set is 45 minutes. The songs selected vary and can be listened to online before confirmation of the booked gig.