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"Zach Deputy brings soul to The Sidebar"

One-man jam band Zach Deputy is taking multitasking to a new level.

With a little help from his synth guitar—capable of making the sound of virtually any instrument under the sun—a ridiculous multi-mic set up that rivals most back up vocals, unprecedented live looping skills and an impressive singing voice, Deputy single-handedly creates a sound that, if you didn’t know any better, you would think was delivered by an eight-piece band.

Over the past few years, the artist has taken the funky music festival scene by storm with key sets at Bear Creek, The Festival of Gnarnia and later this month, he will perform at the 3-day Jungle Jam in Jaco, Costa Rica. But before jetting off for the beach, he is making a pit stop in Tallahassee to play an intimate show at the Sidebar, on Friday, Jan. 11.

With a number of shows scheduled at venues across the country, Zach Deputy has much to look forward to in the new year. His main focus for 2013 is “God, family and music," Deputy said.

It’s difficult to pinpoint Deputy’s groovy style to a genre, but his homepage describes his music as “island-infused drum n’ bass, gospel ninja soul.”

Hailing from the coast of South Carolina, Deputy’s sound infuses elements from across the musical spectrum—everything from funk, jazz, hip-hop and reggae—and don’t be surprised if all of a sudden he breaks out his own freestyle rhymes and beat boxing skills.

As a songwriter, Deputy is as soulful and inspiring as musical icons like Stevie Wonder and James Brown. His most recent album, Another Day, may not be as upbeat as his previous releases, but the piece is his most sincere work.

Recorded in just five days with an impressive group of musicians—drummer Graham Hawthorne, bassist Al Carty and gospel organist Will Buthod—the album encompasses Deputy’s heart and expressive spirit.

“I think it's more important to always do what your conscience tells you to do rather than what the world tells you to do," Deputy said. “I could have sold out and made a big label album but I didn't. I have to keep my integrity whether people like it or not.”

The musician considers each of his shows as a distinct adventure.

“Sometimes I wing it completely,” Deputy said. “And I try to play songs that fans ask for personally.” - FSView

"Zach Deputy funks The Goodfoot"

he downstairs bar at The Goodfoot is called a lounge for a reason. With murky lighting cast over a spattering of booths and tables and a dance floor coated with the sticky remnants of spilled libations, the room takes on the appearance of a warm yet dreary day struggling to rid itself of overhanging clouds. One almost feels when they are sitting inside as if they have traded the weather outside for a warmer knockoff, complete with a fully stocked bar. Indeed, this room is highly reminiscent of the end of winter in the Willamette Valley, a gray and rainy time just before the onset of Spring. This was the scene in which the Zach Deputy show played out on St. Patrick’s Day last Thursday, an apt setting for a talented musician known not just for crafting songs, but for creating atmosphere. And for the night, the glum atmosphere of the Goodfoot lounge was transformed.

Much like how St. Patrick was (supposedly) ordained by Pope Celestine 1 to promote Christianity in the Irish mainland, so Zach Deputy must have been chartered by the Gods of Funk, Soul and Roots Rock to bring sunshine to the rain-weary residents of the Rose City. Maybe the result of the ‘luck of the Irish’, or maybe just a welcome coincidence, Deputy answered this call, bringing with him his wide array of equipment and eclectic blend of upbeat material. This included songs from his newest album which, oddly enough, is titled Sunshine.

From the very first song it was easy to tell that spirits had been lifted, a sign symbolized by the raising of glasses to toast the one-man band from South Carolina. Using his well-refined live looping technique, Deputy created a wall of sound with his beat box percussion, jaunty guitar riffs and soulful singing that would have made a young James Brown worry about his chances. Altogether, the effect is that of listening to a traveling band that has been influenced by cultures from around the world. Except that Deputy’s sound is so organic, one would think that he invented the style.
”The loop machine show just kind of happened by accident because members of my band were slacking and weren’t showing up for shows. I was having to put on a show without my band.” Deputy said laughingly, “I just made it work, you know, and I had a loop machine that I used for a delay pedal with the band, but when they didn’t show up I just used it as a loop machine. First time I ever even did it was live. I never really practiced it, I just played shows.”
Over time Deputy began to add more aspects to his sound, from the infectious Calypso and Merengue rhythms to the funky bass lines that are his trademark body movers. While this is no doubt influenced by his family ties in ‘the islands’, his grandmother is from Puerto Rico, his mother from the Virgin Islands, this is also much the result of careful oversight on his own development. One can almost see the progression in his music in each song, as each loop seems carefully orchestrated through careful adaptation and repetition, a process of refining that seemingly improves with each show.

“It’s weird because I mix myself every night, so I’m my own sound engineer. I like to go and double check and critique myself every night… I like to critique myself away from my own ears. I give the previous show a brief listen. I try to do that a couple times a week so I can at least gauge where I’m at.”

he results are easy to see. A thorough summation of Zach Deputy’s sound would be longer than Don Corleone’s hit-list, but suffice it to say that island-infused, drum n’ bass, island ninja soul comes as close as it gets to being succinct. Songs such as “Twisty Twisty” and “Jump in the Water” gave you the feeling that you are sitting on a beach in the Caribbean, while songs like “Dr. Doctor” and “Mama Don’t Preach” were heavy on the funk, high on the soul, and spanned an impressive range of vocals and musical ability. In trying to create a quick term to describe him, I turned to the musician himself.
“I describe [my sound] as a love affair between James Brown, Ray Charles and Tito Puente.” Deputy said, “That’s the kind of music that really does it for me…I think if you’re a musician you should be playing the music that speaks to you the most because it’s you. Musically, I know what I really like and that’s what I play. I enjoy it.”
According to the crowd, his fans do to. If you missed Deputy’s show this time, make sure to catch him next time around. Just remember to bring your dancing shoes.
Check out his ongoing tour here. - Oregon Music News

"Gospel Ninja Soul: Zach Deputy Brings the Southeast Island Vibe"

All around musician and “gospel ninja” Zach Deputy brought the heat to a full dance floor Thursday, October 18 at Winston’s in Ocean Beach. Those whirling around on the hardwood beneath the disco ball were entranced by Deputy’s live beat making, loop station utilization, and ultimately unique guitar style.

Zach Deputy is traipsing the country promoting his long awaited “singer/songwriter” album Another Day. Another Day is a departure from Deputy’s last album, Sunshine and previous albums, which are primarily focused on creating a dance party. After tossing about several album concepts, Deputy’s production crew spearheaded the idea of a straightforward, soulful “Ray LaMontagne kind of record.” This was after Deputy was pushing the idea of an album reflecting tunes that he could “bump in the jeep.”

Since Deputy typically plays live and records with an intricate loop system, he has the ability to play drums, bass, keyboards, horns, and basically any sound he wants. Recording Another Day though would require a band, so Deputy tapped a cast of seasoned musicians: Graham Hawthorne on drums, Al Carty on bass, and gospel organist Will Buthod. All of these guys have impressive musical pasts, individually playing or touring with acts from Aretha Franklin, Lou Reed, and Jay-Z just to name a few.

The musicianship is prevalent in Another Day, encompassing the island Calypso and Geechee spirit of Zach Deputy in a more structured song format. Songs like “Sweet Rene” and “By Your Side” showcase a much more relaxed, slow R & B feel, with a full female backing vocal section coming in on the chorus. The track “Sleep” sounds like a classic Billie Holiday tune, with Deputy’s soulful voice and calculated chords over a steady light snare drum.

Zach Deputy grew up in Hilton Head, South Carolina, so San Diego is quite a hike for the “Lowcountry” native. Of Puerto Rican, Cruzan, and Irish heritage, Deputy’s love of world music was fostered in the salt marsh of the old south. He plays over two hundred and fifty shows a year, so the Winston’s show was simply one of many stops on the west coast. Deputy is touring sans a band, so his live shows are going to retain the “one man band getting down” sensibility.

Leaving San Diego, Deputy will be cruising through Crystal Bay, Nevada, then will be back in California playing in San Francisco, Chico, Sacramento, and Santa Cruz from October 19 to 25.

San Diego’s abundance of music venues allows residents to catch a show any night of the week. Whether it’s downtown at the House of Blues, 4th and B, or The Casbah, or on the beach at Winston’s or the Belly Up Tavern, surely a good time is guaranteed. - IVN San Diego

"Zach Deputy Fox Theatre Boulder, CO Review & Photos"

Zach Deputy brought his creatively branded “island infused, drum ‘n’ bass, Gospel-Ninja-Soul” to the Fox Theatre this week. Part gospel, because he is a disciple in the way of the one-man-band. Part ninja, because his music attacks you with dizzying techniques. Part soul, because whether or not you choose to surrender to his music, your soul cannot escape. Ok, that might not be the meaning Zach intended us to get from his self-description. But it should be.

Making creative use of looping technology and a host of electronic toys, he reminded us how enjoyable it can be to watch a lone performer. Deputy played the entire set seated, surround by a collection of digital effects panels and pedals. Though he did not wander once from center stage, his arms and legs were constantly flying here and there, from one digital instrument to the next, creating layers of bass lines, beat box rhythms, strumming patterns, vocal effects, and more. He sang using four separate microphones, utilizing each mic differently to amplify the many different presentations of his multi-faceted, soulful voice. You’d think that this kind of approach would further demand the employment of at least four different guitars, yet he used only one, a nylon-stringed classical guitar that sometimes sounded like a funk bass, then an rock organ, then a Stratocaster, then a brass horn section, then a traditional classical acoustic.

Those who witnessed Zach’s performance were inspired to the core by more than just his instrumental abilities. His voice is bad-ass as well, capable of the highest dance hall falsettos, island reggae stylings, and drawling blues as thick as the ocean’s fog. Jumping from one genre from the next, each song sounded as unique as the last, all the while inscribing his own personal ZD flare upon each tune. My personal favorite of the set, “Into the Morning,” which is the closing track off his most recent studio effort, begins with classical-style flamenco tremolo, then transitions effortlessly into a head-bopping reggae jam.

His songwriting and performing style evokes images of a gospel preacher eliciting praiseful responses from the crowd, leading a congregation in a gospel-esque fashion. His ability to involve the audience in his spontaneous compositions heightened this feeling of this spiritual revelry. This singer-songwriter led his congregation, prompting the crowd to sing, scat, and shout their joyfully responses.

Then after a killer Frank Zappa cover, he said goodbye and sent us home as new converts in the Zach Deputy way, a response not uncommon amongst those fortunate enough to have danced at the feet of this masterful musician. And this is how this unassuming, humble man from North Carolina has gained such a dedicated following. More than one concert-goer confessed to having paid for his ticket because a friend or roommate had seen Deputy before and raved about this guy. Not a surprise. I also left that night fully intending to share the good news: this guy puts on a kick-ass show. - The Grateful Web

"A Review: Zach Deputy (Greenville, South Carolina)"

I had a good feeling about things when I received a surprising phone call after work from the one and only J-Man a few hours before the show. Checking If I still was interested in doing the review for the Deputy show and explained that he still needed to call Zach Deputy about putting me on the guest-list and assured that He would call back in as soon as He could and let me know. Now let me just say how thankful I am to be able to post reviews on this blog but I was shocked and incredibly grateful when I received a call from Justin not even five minutes later confirming it all was good and I was guest listed. That reassured Me that this really is a wonderful & small community filled with good people.

Soon enough show time was near, packed up my show bag with my recording gear and headed out the door. Luckily Breanne was our DD for this show which is a very rare thing for Me. I arrived at The Handle-Bar around 9:00 and went to the door to check in to see what was up, I was informed Zach had not brought his guest list to the front door yet. Not a problem, Myself & My good friend Fosto grabbed a stool, a beer, and relaxed before show time. Soon enough in the corner of my eye I saw Zach Deputy; my friend's who had never seen him described him as a giant teddy bear. I walked over and introduced myself for the first time. He told Me I was for sure guest-listed and I couldn't stop thanking him and how grateful I really was. I ask permission to record the show and He told me He had no problem with recording and to feel free to always record. I assured him that I was and thanked him again and headed inside. First thing I noticed was He now offers Instant Live Recordings of the show on USB drives 20 minutes after the shows for only $5. Unfortunately on this night there recording/sound guy was not present so it was a good thing I decided to record it, but glad to see that He is now offering this concept at his shows.

The opening band was known as "Wisebird" and they kicked it off right at 9:00. They were a mix of roadhouse blues with a splash of soul and a strong southern rock feel. Apparently they've been touring with Zach for some time on this tour and in that time Zach & Wisebirds wrote a song together. Sure enough Zach came out & played lead and sang on the very soulful ballad. The next few songs started to really pick up, a few good stand-out guitar solos that really turned up the heat for a few minutes. The key player was the member who stood out to Me the most. He played a classic piano and also some form of organ, that He was showing no mercy on all night. They played a pretty standard 40 minute set and it ended. Overall I really did enjoy them as an opening act, I'd probably check them out again at a festival or a local venue. Unfortunately Wisebird did not have much of a crowd but the audience they did have gave them the proper praise they deserved.

Zach Deputy didn't hit the stage until a little before 10 o'clock. House lights finally went down and He started off with a slower but soulful acoustic tune that reminded me of the melody from "Over the Rainbow". A very soothing way to start off the show. Deputy's soulful beats combine with his subtle raw voice mix to complete a tropically bumpin' sound. Next up was a very catchy loop scheme that started off with a straight forward dance groove on the acoustic, backed up by the first of many vocal loops of the night. Some songs were like an acoustic roller coaster that turned into a Caribbean influenced beat with a soulful melody. Deputy would turn up the distortion or even some flange on some songs and rip a solo for two or more minutes. He left the crowd on the edge of their seats, (or should I say toes) by stopping a beat and waiting for the perfect moment to break it down and bring that "funk to the funky house." By a click of a button he can produce any different guitar or bass sounds which he incorporates into his beats and loops.

Deputy not only told the crowd that he was happy to be back in his home state, but he showed it to the audience by playing for more than two hours. Select few fans came early and danced beginning to end of Deputy's set. The crowd was very diverse. Everything from cowboy hats to heels showed up to show him love by grooving throughout the show and adding to their list of Deputy shows. There's an evident twang that's common with Carolinian musicians. The heavy nitty gritty guitar was a factor in this but it did not overthrow the tropical-esque sound. Deputy ended the set with "Home" due to the constant crowd request which could have been a tribute to his homecoming. His three song encore was a definite treat for the crowd. It consisted of a laid back acoustic ballad and one more straight up Deputy style dance groove that featured heavy bass. This jam featured more of a reggae influenced melody with the signature line "sunshine is on my mind." As the song winded down Deputy segued into a Marley classic "Redemption Song." A - Music Marauders

"Gathering of the Vibes"

On his upcoming release Another Day (Eusonia Records, 2011), Zach Deputy demonstrates his extraordinary ability to perform and record in multiple contexts and conveys the sensibilities of a mature singer/songwriter. Another Day offers another look at Zach Deputy and seeks to help him cross over into other audiences. Rich with ballads and mid-tempo songs, the music on this recording is best described as soulful rhythm and blues, with flavors of Al Green, Taj Mahal and Stevie Wonder emerging in the swells, changes and modulations of the music, in the voice and even in the lyrical content. The record will appeal to fans of contemporary artists like Jack Johnson and Amos Lee, but the origins of the style and feel remain classic.
Recorded over 5 days in August 2010 at Mission Sound Recording in Brooklyn, NY, Another Day is the truest example of pure musicianship. As heard in this recording, Grammy winning producer Scott Jacoby and his team of musicians demonstrate that large budget recordings and “over-production” are simply not necessary. Drummer Graham Hawthorne (Aretha Franklin, Paul Simon, David Byrne), bassist Al Carty (Lou Reed, Alicia Keys, Gavin DeGraw) and pianist / organist Will Buthod (Jay-Z, Swizz Beatz, The Harlem Gospel Choir) and Zach Deputy met for the first time on day one of recording and– despite their diverse backgrounds– instantly clicked with each other and created the perfect landscape to support Zach’s songs.
In contrast to the music and feel of Another Day, Zach Deputy has made his mark thus far as a touring powerhouse. As a boy, the music of his Puerto Rican, Cruzan and Irish heritage was cooked up in the South Carolina heat. The Calypso rhythms and folk songs of St. Croix competed with the R&B / soul of pioneers like James Brown and Ray Charles for space on the family stereo. As Deputy honed his craft, a unique hybrid of these influences emerged, ultimately creating the signature Zach Deputy sound.
To bring this sound to the stage, the big, impossibly upbeat South Carolinian with the infectious smile puts on a solo show– enhanced by looping technology– that is essentially a one man dance party offering up what he calls “Island-infused, Drum ‘n’ Bass, Gospel-Ninja-Soul” to the enthusiastic crowds of dancers who flock to clubs from coast-to-coast. It is these late night dance parties— more than 250 per year– that have made Zach Deputy one of the hottest up-and-coming performers on the camping festival circuit and “jam band” scene. For Zach, most days begin in a hotel room and end a couple of hours after walking off stage. The constant touring and the compelling live show may be the key to Zach’s success on the road, but it is an unlikely inspiration for Another Day, as there is little similarity between what fans have come to expect from Zach and what is offered up in this new record.
Thus, Another Day is an appropriately titled album, and it is truly an album in the classic sense— a collection of songs that come from the same time and place, inspired by the same muse. Reflective and introspective, it provides a glimpse at the soul of an artist and the depth of a songwriter. Full of hope and anticipation of the promise of another day, a new day, it is a pivotal point in the career of a touring musician. Whereas it is a departure for Zach Deputy, it is one that he feels confident his fans can relate to, but it isn’t the end in itself. Deputy’s multi-faceted diamond gets one side polished in this offering, and it is a side that will shine brightly for a new audience. - Gathering of the Vibes

"Zach Deputy brings the sunshine"

This past summer, for the first time, I attended the High Sierra Music
Festival in Quincy, Calif. It was, without a doubt, the best music
festival I have ever attended.

We have been lucky to have a steady flow of past and future High
Sierra performers coming through Sacramento recently, and the trend
continues Tuesday night.

Tuesday night, Harlow's plays host to High Sierra personified, the
"Gospel Soul Ninja" himself, Zach Deputy.

Although I do not have the official count, I estimate that the
one-man-super-band from South Carolina played 38 sets in the 72 or so
hours that he graced the Quincy Fairgrounds with his presence. You
couldn't swing a dead cat (or a kind-vegan-ganja-gooball, if you're not into swinging dead cats) without hitting Zach Deputy, mid guerilla-style RV rooftop set. It was amazing and wonderful.

On a weekend where the smile never left my face, my smile was never
bigger than when Deputy was performing. Take a look at a description
from Deputy’s website.

"Put simply, Zach Deputy does what is called live looping: layering
sounds through the magic of technology to create a full band effect.
He isn’t the only performer out there doing this, but he has taken the
technique to the next level. First and foremost, however, Zach Deputy
is a songwriter, a shredding guitarist and a soulful singer with a 4+
octave vocal range... He is a one man dance party..."

Deputy combines rock, reggae, hip hop, soul, calypso and dancehall to
create infectious tunes that demand you stand up and get down. He's like
the Pied Piper of happy-happy-fun-time. It might be a coincidence
that the sun is shining in Sacramento for the first time in weeks just
in time for Deputy’s arrival, but I doubt it.

Come to Harlow's Tuesday and ring in spring with music that will make
you feel like it’s summer.

Zach Deputy plays at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, March 29. Tickets are $12.
I'll see you on the dance floor! - Sacramento Press

"Bear Creek's cool vibe and hot music make for festival perfection"

Bear Creek is not about shivering all night instead it’s an excuse to visit strangers fires, wear furry hats, warm up in cuddle puddles and drink lots of hot chocolate. It’s beautiful gentle days basking in the sun without sweating, mosquitoes or heat stoke. It’s being in the middle of the crowd enjoying the warmth instead of praying for a fresh breeze and feeling like you can’t breath. Honestly this festival is a favorite not only for the stellar music but because you can always add another layer while during the summer there really is only so much you can take off.

Folks take costumes to a whole new level creating carnival electricity while also keeping cozy. Pretty much anything furry ruled the weekend along with lightupwire, monster hats, rage sticks, feathers and painted faces. There were grizzly bears, unicorns, disco queens, angels, Thing One and Thing Two, Chewbacca, squirrels, dinosaurs, owls, parrots, hamsters, cats, Uncle Sam and bunnies getting down while keeping toasty. Bear Creek is probably the closest I’ve felt to the pure silly happy joy Halloween was before middle school.

View slideshow: Bear Creek Music Festival Saturday

Bear Creek Music Festival Saturday
Photo credit: © Cherish L'Dawn Brown of Black Creek Photography 2012
The lineup Saturday was filled with such amazing music still there’s always some sets that just stand out even with a lineup this hot. Zach Deputy in the Amphitheater, Catfish Alliance out in the campground, Zoogma on Uncle Charle’s Porch and Break Science in the Music Hall blew up crazy sweet. These guys all just keep getting better and better with each performance. Royal Family Dumpstajam at Purple Hat, a smashing mixture of Dumpstaphunk and Royal Family artists, was a perfect dream come true. - The Examiner

"Zach Deputy makes sunshine"

Four days. That's how long it took Zach Deputy to record his latest album, Sunshine. The LP plays like a mix tape, flowing from reggae to calypso to alternative rock. "Games" could easily be a Michael Jackson track, while "Stay" finds the Hilton Head native channeling Ray Charles.

But what's most remarkable about the album is the scenario behind its birth. At a New Jersey hotel, the night before arriving at the studio in Woodstock, N.Y., Deputy's truck, with all of his instruments and gear, was stolen — an $85,000 loss. Deputy's famous for his one-man-band shows, where seated with a guitar behind a table of pedals and buttons, he's able to create the sound of a full band, layer by layer. So losing all those pedals and buttons was quite the blow.

"We spent the whole first day calling and trying to find instruments," recalls Deputy. "It was a stressful time, dealing with all that craziness and then having to perform and make that album."

Fatefully, Deputy had already chosen the name Sunshine for the disc, behind his personal slogan of, "When life gives you lemons, make sunshine." Lacking his gear and with four days of paid-for time in the studio, Deputy was forced to get creative, choosing instrumentation he might never have previously considered. Full band tracks like "Paramus" found Deputy playing the marimba, recorded Motown style without retakes and overdubs.

Deputy returns to Charleston almost a year to the date since the theft. He's recovered nicely. He's replaced most of his gear and grown his name around the country, including a residency at the Bear Creek Music Festival in November, where he played as many as five shows a day between acts in the main tent.

"I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I'm just not out of the tunnel," says Deputy. The local soul-funk jammer says he's particularly excited to celebrate his Scots-Irish heritage on St. Patrick's Day at the Pour House.

"I wanted to do it somewhere close to home. It's different playing in front of friends instead of fans, who see you as Zach, instead of Zach Deputy. And there's a really good, wholesome vibe there," he says. "I'm gonna party with everybody and get down and have fun." - Charleston City Paper

"Zach Deputy Brings Good Vibes, Dance Grooves To Ocean Mist"

Zach Deputy made his return to the Ocean Mist in Matunuck on Friday night, putting on an impressive solo show by utilizing multiple instruments and digital recording equipment in lieu of a band.

Deputy uses new technology to record a track live and then loop it repeatedly, adding different sounds and instruments and layering them together. To pull it off successfully takes incredible timing and complete mastery of your equipment.

Deputy was at ease in front of his imposing array of microphones and foot pedals, switching casually from a guitar riff to a beat-boxed drum tempo, a smile spreading across his face as the music all came together.

Bright lights shone down from overhead, melding with the music and illuminating the stage in energy and emotion evoking cool blue-green Caribbean waters, orange, purple and red sunsets, and deep blue jazz nightclubs.

People from all walks of life danced in harmony, their bodies twisting and flexing with the rhythm. There was no limit to the expression, the wood flexing with the movements of a dozen people who had joined Deputy on stage.

Deputy, who hails from South Carolina, mixed the music of his upbringing into a unique style he calls “Island-infused, Drum 'n' Bass, Gospel-Ninja-Soul.” The infectious sound resonates in your heart and compels you to dance. At one point during the show, Deputy sang out, “If you ain’t moving now, your legs must be dead.” - South Kingston Patch


Another Day (September 2011)

Into the Morning EP (May 2011)

Sunshine (July 2009)

Out of the Water (June 2008)



One of the pre-eminent practitioners of “live looping”, Zach Deputy’s one-man show of "Island-infused, Drum 'n' Bass, Gospel-Ninja-Soul" has the energy and sound of a 6-piece band. Ensconced behind an array of microphones and technology, Zach and his nylon stringed guitar weave a tapestry of instrumentation and voices in an ever-evolving, improvised arrangement that is ultimately based on a composition but allowed to breathe with the audience. Enhanced by a stunning light show, Zach Deputy’s show transforms clubs and open fields alike into sweaty dance parties for fans of R&B, soul, jam, Caribbean music and even electronica.

Deputy’s remarkable live show puts the striking mountain of a man with the infectious smile and jaunty suit alone at center stage, where his soulful voice and stunning guitar playing are worked into his looping jams. The sheer joy and energy of these performances has made him a staple of the North American festival circuit. He is a regular on the annual funk-fest at sea, Jam Cruise, and a primary element of the annual Jungle Jam in Costa Rica. Last year alone, Zach Deputy is featured at Wanee Festival (Live Oak, FL), Mountain Jam (Hunter, NY), Gathering of The Vibes (Bridgeport, CT), Bristol Rhythm & Roots (Bristol, TN), Harvest Fest (Ozark, AR) and Bear Creek Music Fest (Live Oak, FL). He is headlining many smaller events, as well, such as Experience High Bridge (High Bridge, WI), Happiness & Harmony (New Castle, VA), Bella Terra Music & Arts Festival (Stephentown, NY) and Wormtown Music festival (Greenfield, MA), among many, many others.