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Zach Deputy


There is nothing out there like Zach Deputy. Truly a one-man band, he is a powerhouse of performance, technical chops, and one hell of a charismatic presence. Put simply, Zach Deputy does what is called live looping: layering sounds through the magic of technology to create a full band effect. He isn’t the only performer out there doing this, but he has taken the technique to the next level. First and foremost, however, Zach Deputy is a songwriter, a shredding guitarist and a soulful singer with


One of the pre-eminent practitioners of “live looping”, Zach Deputy’s one-man show of "Island-infused, Drum 'n' Bass, Gospel-Ninja-Soul" has the energy and sound of a 6-piece band. Ensconced behind an array of microphones and technology, Zach and his nylon stringed guitar weave a tapestry of instrumentation and voices in an ever-evolving, improvised arrangement that is ultimately based on a composition but allowed to breathe with the audience. Enhanced by a stunning light show, Zach Deputy’s show transforms clubs and open fields alike into sweaty dance parties for fans of R&B, soul, jam, Caribbean music and even electronica.

Deputy’s remarkable live show puts the striking mountain of a man with the infectious smile and jaunty suit alone at center stage, where his soulful voice and stunning guitar playing are worked into his looping jams. The sheer joy and energy of these performances has made him a staple of the North American festival circuit. He is a regular on the annual funk-fest at sea, Jam Cruise, and a primary element of the annual Jungle Jam in Costa Rica. Last year alone, Zach Deputy is featured at Wanee Festival (Live Oak, FL), Mountain Jam (Hunter, NY), Gathering of The Vibes (Bridgeport, CT), Bristol Rhythm & Roots (Bristol, TN), Harvest Fest (Ozark, AR) and Bear Creek Music Fest (Live Oak, FL). He is headlining many smaller events, as well, such as Experience High Bridge (High Bridge, WI), Happiness & Harmony (New Castle, VA), Bella Terra Music & Arts Festival (Stephentown, NY) and Wormtown Music festival (Greenfield, MA), among many, many others.


Another Day (September 2011)

Into the Morning EP (May 2011)

Sunshine (July 2009)

Out of the Water (June 2008)

Set List

Mock Set List:

Twisty Twisty
Sweet Rene
Two Steps
Dr. Doctor
She Says
The Way You Make Me Feel