Zach Hillyard Band

Zach Hillyard Band


Music driven by classic soul with a twist of contemporary Pop-tastic freshness - from super-funky grooves to breathtaking ballads, the Zach Hillyard Band strives for musical delight.


A remarkable amalgam of talent, the Zach Hillyard Band is comprised of a few of the most sought-after musicians from Boston and LA. Since its conception, the band has been touring music scenes from coast to coast - with regular stints in Boston, New York City, and Southern California - playing for audiences of all ages and musical interests. Performing songs with elements of Pop, Funk, and Soul, the Zach Hillyard Band offers a little something for everyone.

Recent happenings:

- The Zach Hillyard Band was named the "Best College Band in New England" after winning's College Clash Competition and a $5,000 Grand Prize!

- The song "Rain Like This" made Zach a winner at the 2007 John Lennon Songwriting Contest

- Zach won the 2007 Berklee College of Music Songwriting Contest


Love Song

Written By: Zach Hillyard Band

Love Song Lyrics

Straight up and straight down
It seems that's how our love was bound
Right from the start

It takes more than late night walks
And trips to coffee shops
To join two souls so far apart

And if I had my way
I’d hold you each and every day
Give away my heart

I know you don’t feel the same…
So how am I supposed to write a love song
And keep on singing,
Even after all the love is gone?
And I’m thinkin’
Who am I to salt these wounds of love?
I know you’re not ready
For my love song

Time is a killer
And distance ain’t much better
Why can’t love be like it used to?
It seems the moment we find love
Is the moment you make your mind up
That friendship is all you can do

What if all the roads were mine?
I’d give them one-way signs
And have them all point back to you

How I wish you felt the same…

The stars that lead me back to you
Are the stars that lead me home
And it seems there ain’t many cloudless nights
To bring me to the one I love


Back For More

Written By: Zach Hillyard Band


I heard an angel crying loud
Said “Son, you better change your ways.
You know these tears ain’t gonna save you
When the man in black comes and takes you away”

So I lay the bottle down
To its final resting place
I said a prayer for good ol’ Jimmy Beam
But his spirit just wouldn’t fade

Here I go again
Cheersin’ to the man
Got a bottle in each hand
Even when I’m gone,
I’ll be coming back for more
Oh, Lord
I’ll be coming back for more
Oh, Lord

I heard an angel at my door
Said “Son, you better pack your bags
Seasons change and now the time has come
For you to lay down your hand

So I stood there like a stone
Couldn’t find the words to speak
Said “I’m the Angel of Death, Son.
Won’t you let me in for a drink?”


It ain’t love that keeps me going
There ain’t blood inside these veins
It’s just the bitter booze affection
That keeps me clinging to the rain

I’ll be coming back for more
Oh, Lord


Zach Hillyard Band (2008)*

Fall (Single) (2007)*

*Produced by Michael Woodrum - SoundMoves Audio - Burbank, CA
*Mastered by Nathan James - The Vault Mastering Studios - New York, NY

Set List

Set list is based around original material, with a few well-placed cover songs from time to time. Set lengths range from 45 minutes to 3 hours.

Originals include:

Back for More
On My Mind
Let Go
Dharma Bum
All the Same
The Jam
Born Electric
Love Song
Rain Like This*

Covers (include, but not limited to):

Ain't No Sunshine
I Shot the Sheriff
The Joker
Three More Days
Use Me
Hold On! I'm Coming!
D'yer M'aker
People Say
Hold On! I'm Coming!
Jesus Children
Blind, Crippled, and Crazy

*The song "Rain Like This" made Zach a winner at the 2007 John Lennon Songwriting Contest*