Zach Jones

Zach Jones

 Portland, Maine, USA

With an encyclopedic knowledge of yesterday’s music and a direct plug into the music of today, Zach Jones' music pays tribute to the music he loves, while expanding beyond tradition in sound and arrangement, moving forward. Jones has created a fresh musical melting pot of modern rock, pop, and soul.


Zach Jones is power pop musician based out of Portland, ME. Known throughout the north east as a skilled guitarist, multi-intrumentalist, singer, and songwriter, Jones began his professional career in 2002 when he joined the band Rocktopus.

Formed by Spencer Albee, formerly of Portland, ME's Rustic Overtones, Rocktopus was a power pop band that featured Albee on Vocals, keys and guitar, Patrick "Hache Horchatta" Hodgkins on backing vocals and bass, Brian Higgins on drums and Zach Jones on backing vocals and lead guitar. With a heavy classic rock influence, Rocktopus released two albums, I Love You, Good Morning in 2002 and Something Fierce in 2003. With a quick rise in popularity in Portland, ME and surrounding areas, Rocktopus sold out Portland, ME's State Theater after the release of the Something Fierce album.

Looking to streamline their image and sound and to stretch their reach outside of Maine, in 2003 Rocktopus replaced drummer Higgins with Andrew Hodgkins and changed their name to As Fast As. As Fast As wrote and recorded their debut album Open Letter To The Damned and by late 2003, the band had signed a record contract with Octone Records (Maroon 5, Flyleaf).

As Fast As then headed off to Los Angeles, CA to record their debut album for Octone, also titled Open Letter To The Damned, with producer Matt Wallace (Maroon 5, Faith No More). By 2004, the band was on the road full time. The band spent the next three years touring nationally as direct support for such acts as Gavin Degraw, Butch Walker, Breaking Benjamin, Unwritten Law, O.A.R, Maroon 5 and more.

In 2008, As Fast As parted ways with Octone Records. They released two more albums, Destroy The Plastique Man in 2008 and AFA For Effort in 2009, independently before drifting apart to pursue different projects.

Throughout this period, Jones had also spent time on and off as lead guitarist/ backing vocalist for the popular New England group The Pete Kilpatrick Band. In 2008, Jones co-wrote and recorded the album Hope in Our Hearts with The Pete Kilpatrick Band. That same year, Jones teamed up with As Fast As bandmate Spencer Albee to work on 2009's Candy, Cake and Ice Cream by Spencer and The School Spirit Mafia.

In January of 2009, Jones moved from Portland, ME to San Francisco, CA where he eventually wrote and recorded his debut solo album Fading Flowers. Featuring As Fast As bandmate Andrew Hodgkins on drums and good friend Stu Mahan on bass, Fading Flowers was released in March of 2010. Jones returned to Maine to release Fading Flowers where the album was met with positive reviews and heavy excitement.

After a year of promoting and playing out with a few different band lineups, as well as numerous solo shows in support of Fading Flowers, Jones re-entered the studio with Hodgkins and Mahan in late 2010 to record the followup to Fading Flowers. The result of their efforts is the album Broken Record, which is due to be released on March 22, 2011.

Influenced heavily by The Beatles and the glory days of Motown, Jones appreciates a good song and knows how to look at the entire picture when crafting one. Jones's deep introspective lyrics are both personal and easily relatable. They are taken from real life experiences of personal growth and relationships.

With a talent for writing catchy melodic hooks, and arrangements that are pleasing to the casual listener yet, challenge the minds of the musically sophisticated, Jones has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the modern, independent power pop genre.


Zach Jones’ Fading Flowers musically chronicles his journey of closing one chapter and starting over, reflecting on lessons learned while building a new life 3,000 miles from home. Pulling from Jones’ real life experiences, this highly personal album manages to speak to larger universal truths, like the complexity of relationships and the challenges of facing new obstacles when youve only got yourself to rely on. With guitar-driven rock songs like the Foo Fighters-flavored ‘Easy Way Out’ or Kinks-esque ‘3,000 Miles’, to the soulful longing and loneliness of ballads ‘Back Home’ and ‘Sweet Insomnia’, Jones’ powerful, poetic, honest lyrics combine with passionate vocals and expressive rhythms to explore the highs and lows of starting anew.

Combining classic rock with vintage R&B grooves and power pop hooks, Fading Flowers explores themes of geographic and personal change based on Jones’ own move from Portland, Maine to San Francisco, California, where he found himself for the first time away from his network of friends, family and the comfortable predictability of home. Often mirroring Elvis Costello’s rapid-fire vocal delivery, Jones sings Beatles-inspired melodies wrapped in Beach Boys harmonies and Motown soul backed with his distinctive guitar playing and a dynamic rhythm section to create a unique modern rock sound.

Having toured tirelessly as lead guitaris


Never Easy

Written By: Zach Jones

The nights are getting long, you're losing sleep
you just keep sinking in you're much too deep
like quick sand rising slowly past your feet
the more you move, the sooner it's complete

You find it's not enough

It's never as easy as you think

The walls are closing in, it's much too tight
it's getting much too hard to see the light
you struggle, but it only makes it worse
nothing but a wounded soul to nurse

You find it's much too much

It's never as easy as you think

Tramped down like the dirt beneath your shoes
the more you gain, the more you seem to lose
feeling like there's nothing more to give
fearing there's no other way to live

It's never as easy as you think
(it's all a part of growing)
it's never as easy as you think
(you're trying to transcend)
it's never as easy as you think
(when all your cards are showing)
it's never as easy as you think
(all you needed was a friend)
you didn't think

Round & Round

Written By: Zach Jones

So here's the place he came
snowfall covered State and Main
couldn't take it anymore
landed on opposite shore

with nothing but a song
figure it out and play along
or make it up as you go
there's still something you should know

Now I'll be leaving

and all the folks in town do what the do
bicycle spokes spin round
watch them roll along
the clock winds down as we go round and round
the clock winds down as we go round and round

You tried to call him back
blueprint was not exact
just a roll of the dice
no suggestions or advice

train moving down the track
left behind but still intact
take a seat enjoy the show
a few more acts left to go

So please believe me


round and round, which direction do you think we should take?
round and round, still so many decisions to make
round and round, still so much that we don't even know
round and round, guess we'll figure it out as we go

but don't deceive me


3,000 Miles

Written By: Zach Jones

Without or with permission
I'll make one admission
maybe what I did was wrong
didn't know each other very long

without or with permission
this is my position
I can't blame you when it was me
sorry that's the way it had to be

wish there was more I could do or say 3,000 miles away

As quickly as it started
we said goodbye and parted
when did living get so hard?
photograph, picture post card

didn't think you'd fall for me
I guess I did not see
I never should have led you on
didn't know how long I would be gone

Wish there was more I could do or say 3,000 miles away

Everyday see
a sunrise pink and hazy
fog rising off the bay

Wish there was more I could do or say 3,000 miles away


Something Fierce -April 1, 2003
Instant Live- State Theater Portland, ME –June 21, 2003

As Fast As-
Open Letter To The Damned (indie) -2004
Hunt and Peck EP (Octone) -2005
Open Letter To The Damned (Octone) -May 23, 2006
Destroy The Plastique Man -March 11, 2008
AFA For Effort- July 2009

Pete Kilpatrick Band-
Hope In Our Hearts –October 7, 2008

Spencer & The School Spirit Mafia-
Candy, Cake & Ice Cream –July 2009

Zach Jones-
Once Said – 2000
Fading Flowers –March 16, 2010
Broken Record - March 22, 2011

Set List

Selections from Fading Flowers
1. Round & Round
2. It Depends on You
3. Back Home
4. Easy Way Out
5. 3,000 Miles
6. Play It By Ear
7. Until I Hear From You
8. Desperation
9. Letters & Photographs
10.Sweet Insomnia
11. Better Safe Than Sorry
12. You Looked @ ME

Selections from Broken Record
1. Let It Go
2. Empathy
3. When I've Got Time
4. If It Should Fall
5. Where You're Going
6. Things Unsaid
7. Never Easy
8. MIxed Messages
9. This Time Around
10. No Regrets
11. There For Me
12. Had Enough

Occasional covers from artists such as: The Beatles, The Kinks, The Who,
The Beach Boys, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Bill Withers, etc.