Zach Lost

Zach Lost

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Zach Lost has broken out the Pop-cocoon raps been wrapped in, bringing boom bap, phat beats, sick intelligent lyrics, and creative concepts bombing sets at any venue he steps in. Jersey representer with weapons in his words to battle the status quo. Got lyrics...? Definitely.


Zach Lost -aka- Whatnot -aka- The 3rd Person -aka- Witty Nickname first emerged from underneath the Undergroung scene as 1/2 of the Underground Hip Hop duo 'Thought Breakers'. With a split at the begining of '05, Zach has begun to pursue his solo efforts as well as building/recording/performing with many other artists, bands, emcees, and producers. As a member of Thought Breakers Zach has rocked shows with and opened for artists/groups such as Fat Joe, Dead Prez, Mr. Cheeks, Wyclef, The Nappy Roots, Goldfinger, Finch, Guster, as well as Undergound legends and aritists such as Wordsworth, The the Last Emperor, Pumpkinhead, Pack FM, Tonedef, Substantial, Cymarshall Law, Unstoppable Unity, The Formulis, and others. Currently he is digging back into the Jerzey underground, most recently working with 'Manifest Destiny'. With beats provided by TBs beatmaker DJ Stealth, Lectron80 and Fraze of Organic Thoughts, Zach is getting set to drop his own release in the near future. Always looking to move forward and contribute to the progression of the cuture, Zach is set to rock any stage, mic or cypher in the vicinity.


Sketchbook Songs - LP 2006

Set List

Adjustable length for any performance.