Zach Lund

Zach Lund

BandHip HopBlues

Our music has a very refreshing new sound to it that makes us stand out from the crowd. It's impossible to lable it with just one genre. A mix of blues,funk,hip hop,and roots music is as close as you can get to labeling our musical style.


We our currently a three piece band, but we have a very full funky live sound. Our live shows are what we are most proud of. We always have multitudes of positive input after a performance. New listeners will often tell me that we are like nothing they have ever heard before. Our unique sound that we have cultivated over the last 3 years definitely sets us apart from other artists.


We released an EP titled Colorificizm in 2007, and we are currently working on our new album which we are very excited about.

Set List

We play all original music. I have written close to 40 songs, normally we play about hour long sets at local venues, but we are capable of much more. Some names of popular songs are , smooth vibrations, colorificizm, lemons for love, rise up, Mr. Chinchilla, Shades, how do you feel, you and me, future, butterfly, and crazy.