Zach Mathe

Zach Mathe

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Band Members

  • Zach Mathe Guitarist, Pianist, Vocalist

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::New CD that's untitled::
-Golden Hearted
-Gamblin' Man's Blues
-Umbrella Tree
-True in Today
-The Past
-Look Through the Sun
-Tower of Beds
-Smile Through Your Sleep
-Thank You

::To The New End of Me::
-On This Brink
-Her Words
-The Killing Men
-To The New End of Me
-Hand Over Hand

::Songs not on any CD::
-Way Above the Heavens
-The Traveler

::Wisconsin Shuffle::
-After Heaven There's Hell
-Bitter Taste (Het Domme Miesje)
-Sinners and Saints
-Letters From Home
-Before This Ends
-Our Cost is Clear
-For What its Worth

Set List

Hand Over Hand
Golden Hearted
Gamblin' Mans Blues
Umbrella Tree
True in Today
The Past
Look Through the Sun
Tower of Beds
Smile Through Your Sleep
Thank You

This is my basic set list
and it usually runs from 1 hour to 1 hour and a half