Zach Ryan

Zach Ryan


A walk through the crooked paths that are narrow, crashing sounds that break like velvet, begining to fill the pages that stand on the shelves. Soul is Soul, Gospel is Gospel, God is God. Vintage pieces that create the very fabric of your perceptions, hopefully molding them into what it is I am doin


Music is a sacred art to singer-songwriter Zach Ryan. The musician has performed on hundreds of stages for over a decade with multiple bands, while writing and recording numerous albums. He says of music, "There is nothing closer to the spirit of God than a perfect melody." To Zach music is a fluid and infinite mesh of passionate self expression and skill. "I knew what I was going to do at age 10. I had such a heart for passionate music, and I just had to do it in one way or another.
Like many musicians, Ryan has found himself in several bands all achieving various levels of success. The list begins with Pennyfield, The Sellouts, the regionally succesful B-Side Folk Union to the re-tooled and renamed B-Side which recieved numerous awards such as "Band of the Year" and SXSW showcase in Austin, TX, and Boom Kinetic(Celebrate Magazines Band of the Year). Ryan's bands have released several albums starting in 1996 with Pennyfeild's "Maganzer Mountain" and culminating with his first solo project in 2008 "The Well Runs Dry". Zach will be releasing his second LP in January of 2009, entitled "Heart and Soul", the disc will be an arrangement of soul melodies, laid over a musically vintage landscape. This is where Zach finds his pocket for vocal expression, possibly, The Arkansas Traveler Magazine said it best, "Zach sings with a passion and a harmony that cannot be matched." This harmony ring true on his sophmore release.
Ryan's passionate about creating music. He says, "Music is created in the soul. It comes out through the heart on the piano or guitar or on a notepad. The singer/songwriter says, "Music/art is the truest form of self expression. When I'm creating, it's a part of me and an extension of me, my thoughts and feelings. When I want to scream at God, that is what comes out, there is not a filter." Zachs faith plays a vital role in his songwriting and career, he says "I am not going to be the guy preaching on the sidewalk, but I will be the guy telling the truth in my music. Maybe changing the world through music is a fools dream, but if I dont have that aspiration, then I dont know why I would be doing it." Zach has recently signed on with Dave Wilson Productions and Level 6 Records in Nashville, TN as an artist/songwriter. Given his extensive background and songwriters credit on 10 albums, it seems this is right where he belongs.
However, Zachs biggest asset might quite possible be his outlook to his music and writing, he says "I am saddened at where the music has come. It seems people just want fame. I feel that this is a cancer in our society that is crippling our youth, teaching them to dream as opposed to work. I am honored when one person appreciates a song, it doesnt take a million dollars or a million album sales to be happy. Those things are nice, but you have to know who you are, and whose you are."


Grey on White

Written By: Zach Gump

I cant wash the dirt away, it builds in the cracks, and leaves traces.
If the canvas is stained, then the painter hides his dire confession.
Did I cut back the rose, to bury a crime, when blood from the thorns in my side?
Did the rosary close, all pharisee eyes, whose sight binds the hands from all of those?

So tell me Lord, do the angels sigh at my sight?
Or does Mary hold me to her side?
And how long will it be til I go home?
Cause you know I am so tired, and all I am is Grey on White....

Before anybody sees, i build, towers to heaven.
Before anybody hears, I step, out on to the ocean.
Though Im weak and poor, everything is yours, and I can finally see the way its meant to be.
With a payment insured, silver for a whore, and a heart calmed, just like Gallilee.

So tell me Lord, will I walk with you step for step?
Will you hold me up to grace as a friend?
Or will I fade into where it is my end, is right where you begin, just so I can see the light,
youve made me
white on white....


The Simple Things- 2001
Beautiful World-2002
Gypsy State of Mind-2004
The Well Runs Dry-2008
Heart and Soul-2009

Set List

Set list will be composed of original material from the albums "The Well Runs Dry"(2008) and "Heart and Soul" (2009), I will also include covers from Van Morrison, The Band, and Sam Cooke