Zach Ryan and the Renegades

Zach Ryan and the Renegades


Zach Ryan writes his own brand of rock 'n roll. Take a little Americana, Rock, Folk, Country, and you get the Renegades. Formerly based out of Las Vegas, the group has moved to Nashville and the twang is sneaking in. The new material is very Laurel Canyon influenced and more lyrical.


Coming from a small town in Oregon, there wasn't much in the way of a music scene outside of high school band. With the high school discovery of the Beatles and oldies radio, Zach became interested in guitar and songwriting. After graduating his junior year and spending two years earning a degree in biblical theology in California, it was time to pursue music fully. Leaving behind the faith he had once followed was a crucial step in his music.
Skip ahead a few years and a few miles to Las Vegas, NV. Zach fronted his first full band. "The Rooks" released an independent EP that moved around town fast. Local publications gave favorable reviews and the shows seemed to keep getting better. When the rhythm section left town to pursue Solar Energy and other projects, it was time to fold up.
With new influences and a revolving door of new players, Zach settled into a new sound that was somewhere in between the Band, Springsteen, and Tom Petty. Building on this foundation of solid songwriting and musicianship Zach found his new direction. The Renegades came together naturally and played all over Vegas and LA. The "Terrible Town EP" realeased in 2012, via-bandcamp, was an ode to loneliness and heartache. Self released and Recorded, it sounds like it was conceived in a desert cave.
After 2 years in Las Vegas as the Renegades, it was time for something new. Zach, with two of his best friends and bandmates, packed everything they had into a van and took Route-66 all the way to Nashville. Now in a new home with a new scene, the sound has evolved and grown up a bit.
Currently Zach is working on another independent release. The new record will be a full length EP with some new twang and deeper material. It should be released by the summer of 2013.


"Terrible Town EP" - 2012

"LP - Title TBA" -2013