Zach Sherwin aka MC Mr. Napkins
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Zach Sherwin aka MC Mr. Napkins

Band Comedy Hip Hop


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"Catch a rising star: Local standup talents to watch"

Catch a rising star
Local standup talents to watch
By SARA FAITH ALTERMAN September 17, 2008

Boston is lousy with talented stand-ups — the following performers just happen to be a few jokes closer than the rest to the top of Comedy Mountain. They’re not all natives, but they’ve all honed their skills here, so we’re taking the credit, thanks.

...MC Mr. Napkins exploded onto the stand-up scene last year, and is now considered by fans and comedy peers to be one of Boston’s hottest must-see acts. The not-just-another-white-rapper white rapper manages to find comedy in, of all things, a sphygmomanometer. Whatever that is.

NONSENSE NOMENCLATURE “I went through some atrocious MC aliases (Z-Stylez, Zach the Ripper) before I thought of MC Mr. Napkins. But one day I was washing dishes and the name suddenly struck me, like a bolt of lightning from Rap God. I was sold on it immediately.”

GIVIN’ BLUES Mr. Napkins wasn’t always a rap-parody superstar. He got his start as a sucka MC. “For years and years, I had been writing earnest raps about what a great MC I was. But one week, I had two ideas for funny raps, so I wrote them up and tried them out at an open mike, with a "for-real" rap sandwiched in between. The comedy raps went over pretty well, but the crowd could not have cared less about the one in which I bragged about my MCing skills. So the next week, I did three raps, all comedy, and got a great response.”

ON THE BRINK MC Mr. Napkins just signed with renowned talent agency The Gersh Agency, so expect great things, potentially involving other wordy medical instruments. - Boston Phoenix

"Wiping Up: MC Mr. Napkins"

Wiping Up: MC Mr. Napkins
Thursday, August 07, 2008
By James Heflin

Among the most absorbent of hip-hop performers, MC Mr. Napkins raps about common concerns with an earnestness that's far less dramatic than the braggadocio of most gangstas. When he takes on a cop, it's a cop who's stopped Mr. Napkins for not obeying traffic rules while riding a bicycle.

You can enjoy fine hits like "Sphygmomanometer" and "Wu Tang Clones" when Napkins wipes up the Route 63 Roadhouse this Sunday with co-headliner Micah Sherman. - Valley Advocate (MA)

"Campfire Marathon at Club Passim"

Club Passim’s annual Labor Day Campfire marathon is known for its world-class folk and roots program, but today’s schedule also offers plenty of offbeat humor....MC Mr. Napkins, the strangest and newest of the performers, offers catchy hip-hop about Mussolini and sphygmomanometers (blood pressure cuffs) at 7:45 p.m. Sing along with Napkins, now: S-P-H-Y ... well, we don’t have space for all of it.
- Boston Globe

"Comedy relief from midterm week"

Comedy relief from midterm week
Molly Cummings, Assistant A & E Editor
Issue date: 11/7/08
Section: Arts & Entertainment

Mon. Oct. 27th, was the first Comedy Night of the season. Students gathered in the Hub Fireplace Lounge at 8 p.m. after a long week of midterms to the natural high of laughter.

...MC Mr. Napkins is Zach Sherwin's rapper name. The shtick of his show is that he raps about things as well as making a joke about them. His stand up act is a mix of rapping and comedy. Sherwin explains that his rapper name MC Mr. Napkins means that he's "a hardcore rapper, and that he means business." His first rap is about smoothies..Throughout the smoothies rap, he asks for crowd participation. Napkins explains that he's interested in state mottos and finds them intriguing. He goes into a rap about state mottos; he explains why he likes each one and why they are so unique...MC Mr. Napkins's last rap was about a video he put on YouTube versus a video he had put on College Humor. He also wrote a fake PSU song by using the website; he noted that PSU had 237 liquor and drug violations but 0 car thefts in 2007, allowing for the audience to cheer as loud as possible. To end the night he tells the crowd about how he decided to pick the most ridiculous business card which is of a rhino's front and backside.

Comedy Night at PSU was quite the success giving the relief that everyone needed from midterm week. Kudos to P.A.C.E for bringing in these hilarious local comedians. Be sure to attend the next P.A.C.E event which is an Open Mic to be held on Mon. Nov. 10th. - The Clock - Plymouth State University





ZACH SHERWIN is a comic and rapper from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Sherwin (also known on the microphone as MC Mr. Napkins) has loved comedy for as long as he can remember, and he wrote his first rap when he was just ten, but only years later, after graduating from Brandeis University, did he decide to combine his two favorite art forms into one hip-hop comedy act. Over super-catchy beats, Sherwin drops flavorful rhymes about everything from his humiliating defeat at the Ohio State Spelling Bee to blood pressure measuring cuffs. He was named Boston's Best Comic of 2009 by the readers of weekly alternative paper the Boston Phoenix, has appeared on VH1’s “(White) Rapper Show,” CNN Headline News, and the front pages of CollegeHumor and YouTube, and will star in a Sierra Mist ad launching nationally in summer 2009. Sherwin also hosts a weekly show at the Comedy Studio in Cambridge, called “the greatest comedy club on Earth” by the producers of Late Night With Conan O’Brien. Zach Sherwin "has exploded onto the comedy scene and is now considered by fans and comedy peers to be one of Boston’s hottest must-see acts.” - Boston Phoenix. “It’s like Weird Al and Eazy-E had a kid.” - A blog Zach found while Googling himself.