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Written By: Zach Tay

It's sometimes hard to think,
that all You wanted is for me to come to You,
and so You died for me;

Though you came to set me free,
to recognise you is such a simple thing,
but I refused to see;

Lord I'm sorry for the pain I put You through,
cause really deep inside I feel it too;

You knew who I am,
and what I could be,
and yet You loved and died for me;
You saw me through as I hid away,
I abandoned You yet you loved me the same;

Though all that I am is all that I give,
accept this my heart this life I live;
No I can't be perfect for You,
I like to think I tried,
but Lord I know it's You.

Moment Spent With You

Written By: Zach Tay

You know how it saddens me,
to see you live your way,
it hurts to see you suffer everyday,

But that's not how it should've been,
you turned away from me,
I made you to live life abundantly,

And even though it seems that life is nothing more than this,
that you should make up all the very reasons you exist,
you know deep inside that I'm the only One you really need;

Be still and know that I am God,
and let your words be few,
I know the troubles you've been through,
cause I've been through them too;
Just close your eyes, and spend this time with me,
and I will see you through,
cause all I want's a moment spent with you.