Zack Freeman

Zack Freeman

BandHip HopA Capella

one man, a capella hip-hop beatbox funk. strapped to the sampler, I deliver the beat and sing about what is real in the blue collar life. no pedals, no tracks...just live improvised vocal funk.


I am a looping, sampling acapella performer. A sampler hangs around my neck and I sample my way through break-beat and funk improvisations. While primarily a beatboxer/ vocal percussionist, I am is a serious lyricist. I takes the struggle of the ordinary and brings them to center stage, placing humanity in a groove that moves the heart and body.
I am influenced by my parents and Bobby McFerrin and Polynesian communal signing. I am influenced by black choirs and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. I listen to Afro-pop to get a sense of long complex grooves and I listen to punk to under three chord thunder.
I pull it all together in 3 minutes. I loop the beat, sing the rhythms and drop the bassÂ…then I sing my freedom over the top.



Set List

clip your line
macho man
Hi, again
for the money
it's not about
high tide
close your eyes and groove
last arrow to the sun

my set is 60 min.
I can play for 90 min.