Zack Gregory

Zack Gregory


A mix of Dave Matthews and Counting Crows with a little blues thrown in. Really, the sound is unique. The songs are centered around acoustic riffs (instead of chords) that make for interesting and unique arrangements that most people aren't used to hearing.


I'm from Waco, TX and currently reside in Houston. I've always had an urge to write and I guess now people are starting to notice. There's not much to put on this section. The music is what matters, not seeing if I can write a persuasive paragraph on why people should like me.


Peace on Me

Written By: Zack Gregory

You say that the world is made up of people
Who know no better than the opposite of better
And the flipside of the upside of love

You say you walk the earth to try to see and learn
But you never see quite right

All of these people sittin’, staring, hoping that their lives take on new light

And the strange things
That flow from their dreams
And the mean games
That make them wanna scream

….they said…..

Let there be peace on me
I’m tired of these wicked schemes
Tired of all these people always hangin’ around me
I’m tired of this plastic sky
And how there’s no reason why
All this black rain washes over me

You say that the girl’s lost her mind at twirls
On the tight rope she’s constructed in her mind
And she’s backward, moving forward to the edge
She’s acting kinda crazy, a little dark and hazy and
She’s lost the will to give
You the time of day, you wish it’d go away
And just leave your sould to be

And the strange things that flow from her dreams
And the mean games that make you wanna scream

….you said….


And the time that you spent
Moving on to the end
Is gone and buried deep
In the ground while you weep
Alone you will be while the rest of the world sleeps

Walk Away

Written By: Zack Gregory

Give me the world and I will love you
Just as so long as I’ve got the time
All my direction babe is waiting on you

We’re gonna see this time
It’s not all a lie

I’m not gonna let you walk away from me
You think I’m crazy but you gotta let me try and speak
I’ve seen it all but I’ve never seen such beauty
On the outside of a mind so lovely

Give me a minute and I will leave you
Just as long as you give me your soul
All I care about are selfish reasons

We’re gonna see this time
Its not all a lie


The Architecture of Infatuation and Antagonism

Online streaming play.

Set List

Peace on Me
The Separation of Love and a Goodtime
Walking with Broken Eyes
Tears Fall
The Wire
Give Me the World
Weather and Gravity
Breathe Easy in the Garden of Eden
Reasons to Leave