Zack Kouns

Zack Kouns


Hermetic Hillbilly. Esoteric, God Haunted, Violent Apocalyptic Country Music. Visions of other worlds. Ecstastic, reckless modern liturgical music.


Undoubtedly one of the busiest and most insightful individuals in the realm of contemporary
outsider art, Zack Kouns works in capacities such as bandleader, performer, author, visual artist,
researcher, prankster, and composer.
Resulting from his strict recording schedule, Kouns has issued over 20 albums to date. His most
recent release is 2013's The Deacon Family Tree, a threnodic, hermetic hillbilly album that follows a
troubled Bath County Kentucky family on their voyage toward ruin, agony and loss. Also appearing
this year is a cassette of live recordings from his winter performances in Europe. God's Hands On My
Forehead: Europe 2011-2 is due out through Ownness on May 29, 2013. In support of these releases,
Kouns is undertaking a spring concert tour of the United States, full details of which are available at

Amazingly, the musical stylings between each body of Zack Kouns' work vary considerably, in no
small part due to the wide assortment of tools with which he develops his songs. As a multiinstrumentalist,
he plays tenor and alto saxophone, harmonium, electronics, duduk, guitar, violin,
clarinet, vocals, trumpet and banjo along with other devices to bring about what Kouns describes as
Death Jazz, Modern Liturgical, and Apocalyptic/Hermetic musics. Likewise, the thematic and lyrical
content of Kouns' forays into these self-developed genres also draws from many distinct sources,
allowing him to create concept albums teeming with metaphor and allegory. Numerous esoteric
subjects, chiefly religion, mythology, ancient history and romantic philosophy, manifest themselves
across the spectrum of his creative output – Kouns addressed his interest in these topics during an
interview with Australia's Rave Magazine:
"The human organism in general can't escape these ageless ideas; to ignore them is to
wither and die away, to withdraw into forests of personal meaninglessness of our own
construction. Conversely, to acknowledge and explore them is painful; it requires fumbling
through dark and hidden recesses inside yourself; hidden, archetypal afflictions that have
been buried to make life a bit more bearable, but ultimately less enriched and illuminated."

A life-long resident of rural Appalachia, the region in its juxtaposition of beauty, brutality, love and
poverty also plays heavily into the aesthetic of Kouns' work. Perhaps as a way to evaluate his place
of birth through comparison, Kouns has a definite mandate to carry out adventures abroad. Through
his exploits, Zack Kouns has conducted lengthy tours in North and South America, as well as Europe
and Australia, with ambitions to perform on all seven continents.


God’s Hands On My Forehead *To Be released by Ownness Records in late May

The Deacon Family Tree *Released by Dithyramb Records

The Concealed History of Coming Races *Released by Ulja Factory

Life Everlasting 4-3-10 *released by moonmoonmoon

Our bodies washed up in Storm's Creek single *released as a 7 inch by PastFutures

Thanatos *released by Seven1878 records
Endless Fertile Valley 11-23-10 *Released by Clinical Archives

He Disappeared Into The Forest, Yet He Remained With Us *released by Blood in the Boat

I Lift My Hands Against the gods *Released by Clinical Archives
He must have contemplated his death during those long drives on the bypass at night *released by RT Champs

Animals Hidden In The Waist High Grass *released by Albert's Basement

A Catalog Of Erica's Misfortunes *Released by Clinical Archives

An eastern Kentucky boy's death is shining hard and bright in his chest *Released by Hobo Tapes

Peter Denied Our Lord *Released by Tired Trails

Michael Jackson: "I just can't start loving you" *Released by Owness

The Holometabolous Larval Process as a Metaphor For Man's Destiny *Released by Chocolate Monk

The Peasant Girl's Crotch Full Of Stars *released by

Savage Histories of the Appalachian Region *Released by Myhand.thanx