Zack Orr

Zack Orr

 Erie, Pennsylvania, USA

Ambient futuristic folk rock.

“Stunning and inventive, he just may be unstoppable.”
- Ben Fong-Torres, former Senior Editor,
Rolling Stone Magazine.


Zack Orr is an independent singer/songwriter on the rise. His debut album, The Unstoppable Lift, was called "stunning and inventive" by legendary rock journalist Ben Fong-Torres of Rolling Stone fame, adding "…he just may be unstoppable." His latest release, Francisco The Man, was nominated for Best Concept Album by the 10th Annual Independent Music Awards and was featured on the cutting edge music blog Consequence of Sound.

With his trademark lyrics and richly-layered, melodic harmonies, Orr enamors crowds as he shifts on stage between guitars and a laptop; drawing comparisons to Paul Simon, Radiohead, David Byrne, St. Vincent, Elvis Costello, and Death Cab for Cutie. The momentum continues to build through his live performances at venues and colleges across the mid-Atlantic region.


Thaw of the Cherry Queen

Written By: Zack Orr

Snow shoes, Arctic hues, Canada bound.
Who would have known the deadly cold was peaceful.
City lights in distant skies orbit a town.
The Northern Lights can leave your eyes deceitful.
Still it came as a surprise, on a desert dune of snow.
The ice melted from his brow,
in the warm red glow of a mirage.

Could it be?
The warmest heart in a frozen sea.
A mirage, her majesty:
The frozen Cherry Queen.

In 1970 a beauty queen fled from the stage,
drove to the shore and headed for the water.
A cop decides, suicide. Closes the case.
A heavy crown had drowned a troubled daughter.
But then the lake began to freeze.
The seasons came no more.
He heard sailors tell stories,
but now he swore he saw a mirage.

Could it be?
The warmest heart in a frozen sea.
A mirage, her majesty:
The frozen Cherry Queen.

White outs, milky clouds bowed to her grace.
His fingers run the maze of her tiara.
Frost bite, his life this night could take
but with the heat she gave, he was taken care of.
So when he headed back towards shore,
she came along of course.
The stars that filled the sky retreated from sight.

It was the first light of dawn.
It came strong and warm.
The ice they tread upon
began to creak and moan.
The air smelled of perfume,
like the world was bound to bloom.
In the sun as it shined,
every bird in the sky sang “ spring, spring! ”

The Cherry Queen gave herself for spring.
The thaw of the Cherry Queen.

Way Out

Written By: Zack Orr

Dogwood dreams,
burst their seems.
In these trees
I see pink, white,
They once were lost
but now they have found
a way out,
a way out.

Small town dreams,
young, green.
Say “This life’s not for me, No.
I see electric light,
cities at night,
under foreign skies.
My time is now
because I have found
a way out,
a way out.”

I had a dream
that burst it’s seems,
spilled out into daylight
and onto things.
But then they shined.
They came alive,
took to the sky.
My hopes and schemes,
my love, my dreams
escaped from me
and spread out,
way out.


Francisco the Man - LP (2010)
The Unstoppable Lift - LP (2003)

Set List

My set is customized according to the needs of the gig. A typical show last 45-minutes to 3 hours, either as a solo singer-songwriter or as a trio with my full band.

Original Songs:

Thaw of the Cherry Queen
Way Out
On and On
Niagara Falls
We Were Made to Suffer
Last Stage On Earth
Trava Nova
Indian Summer
Fall into Winter
The Storm of the Century
I Should Know
Snow Fell Black
Sounds Like the Future to Me

Selected Covers (performed solo or with a full band):

Bennie and the Jets - Elton John