Zack Peterson

Zack Peterson

 Nampa, Idaho, USA

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Written By: Zachary Peterson

Take a picture for the road
Remember me wherever you go
Hold it up to your lips
And remember the way I kiss
And when you see it I hope you
Remember all that we went through

I’ll be in the ink
That forms the photograph
Look at me when
You need to see the past
A familiar face
You know all too well
I’ll be waiting for you
When you’re going through hell

If you need a minute
To shed some burning tears
Take out my photograph
And I’ll wash away your fears
It may hurt for a little while
But soon enough I’ll make you smile

And as mad as you may get
I hope you don’t forget
To look at me once more
And that smile we once wore
‘together and forever’
On the back you once wrote
A sad reminder
Of where our love would go