Zack Thompson

Zack Thompson

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The music is catchy,pop filled goodness. You find yourself singing every song to yourself all day. Overall great fun music


Zack Thompson is an upcoming Nashville artist with smooth, refreshing vocals and a knack for writing catchy pop tunes. His style is heavily influenced from bands such as John Mayer, Dashboard Confessional, and Sublime.

Since his youth music has always been a passion. Raised in Santa Barbara, California, he recalls spending many evenings with his family strolling down State Street searching for a restaurant with live entertainment and an outdoor patio. When he was only seven years old, he recorded his first full length album on a Karaoke recording machine he received for Christmas. It was his own rendition of “The Lion King” soundtrack from Elton John. Later that year, his parents realized his passion for music presumably, “because of al the racket that came out of that Karaoke machine” says Zack. They took a trip to Carmel, California where they found a junior size guitar at a local pawn shop. After his father made the purchase, the guitar never left his hands.

When he made it to junior high not only did he join the school band, but he began writing his own music as well. “Girls were the main reason I started writing. I would write them songs to impress them, and the write songs for myself when they broke my heart” exclaims Zack. As the years progressed, so did his writing. He began entering talent contests and playing at local coffee shops when he was fourteen.

After high school, he attended Belmont University (a very prestigious music school in Nashville) to further his education in music. While at the school he developed his skills in audio engineering and production. This gave him the opportunity to record his music in professional studios such as Oceanway, Emerald, and The Tracking Room. Most recently he has recorded his first full length album (Every Woman I Meet) in the comfort of his own home studio.

Zack is currently preparing for a tour of the Midwest and West coast in April. With plenty of ambition and creative energy, there is nowhere to go but up for Zack.


Every Woman I Meet -2010

Set List

12 songs w/ encore
75 minutes