Zack Tyson

Zack Tyson

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My music is from my heart. It is what I feel and have experienced in my life. I think it's inspirational not only to my generation, but to other generations as well. I hope you like it.


I am 17 years old and I really love the Lord. I've been singing ever since I could walk. Through the past 5 years I've performed at many churches and civic centers and have also performed on the TBN/ P.T.L. show four times and now have a great manager, Joe Meador, and am working with my producer, Jason Kyle and also Allan Hall with the group "Selah" on many of my projects. I also have a vocal coach, "Renee Grant Williams" who I've been with for over 3 years now.
Some of my influences musically are Steven Curtis Chapman, Clay Crosse, Michael W. Smith, Michael English, and especially my good friend Allan Hall with Selah.
One of the only things I could think of that would set me apart from many other people, especially those around my age would be my testimony.
A testimony of how I came to know and love the Lord through a very difficult and confusing time.
At the age of eight, my mother was murdered by my
half sister. My life was totally turned upside down and yet the night of her funeral I sang at a street revival a song my mother would use to sing all the time.
It was then that I knew my calling in life. That I was to sing to the Lord like my mother did every Sunday at church.
I love the feeling of the anointing that comes over me when I sing and THAT is what I want people to feel when they hear me. So that they will either revive their spirits or feel the love of God enough to turn their life around.
That is my mission.
God Bless,


I'll See My Lord

Written By: Zack Tyson

years have gone by--the world still spins--looking toward the eastern sky--waiting for the promises--
so I hold on--yes I stand strong to His word--so I hold on--yes I stand strong-

one day I'll see my Lord--stand on that golden shore--see all His majesty--see all the beauty--lay down my thoughts and cares--see all my loved ones there--be all in one accord--one day I'll see my Lord

oh how I long--to see Your smiling face--tears of joy will fall from my eyes when I --finally realize my place--so I hold on--yes I stand strong to His word--so I hold on--yes I stand strong--


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I've wrote over 19 songs so far and still writing.