Zahed Sultan

Zahed Sultan


Zahed Sultan aspires to capture global audiences’ attention to a unique sound he is developing that extrapolates on a range of cultural as well as creative influences.


Zahed is a music producer and multimedia artist of mixed heritage. He released his debut album "Hi Fear, Lo Love" on April 1st 2011 and attained success with his 2nd single “I Want Her But I Don’t Want Her.” Parisian Dj, Stephane Pompougnac, featured the single on the internationally acclaimed Hotel Costes 15 compilation, which was released on Sept. 26th 2011. Zahed’s single is the 1st modern Arabian-Gulf track to be signed to a globally renowned compilation. Later, Zahed's 3rd single "Walkin Away" was featured on New York based MTV Iggy as an emerging global artist. In early 2012, Zahed formed Mouse Music, a digital domain to document his works in music and the arts. The Reuse Me – EP is Zahed’s latest body of work, with plans to embark on a live audio visual world-tour in late 2012 and release his sophomore album in early 2013.

Zahed Sultan’s musical taste is eclectic. He is influenced by producers and artists who have strayed from convention and broken musical / genre boundaries such as Radiohead, UNKLE, Damon Albarn, Kanye West, DJ Sasha, Massive Attack, and Bjork, to name a few.

Zahed Sultan 1st achieved success in music when world-renowned house music label Global Underground and DJ Sasha awarded Zahed 3rd place for the Involver Remix Competition. Zahed’s Remix was later signed alongside DJ Sasha to America’s no.1 TV hit series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation – Season 5, Episode #519 “4x4.”


2011 Hi Fear, Lo Love - LP
2011 Hi Fear, Lo Love - Remix EP
2012 Reuse Me - EP
2012 tamtam, Little Girl - Single
2013 tamtam, Little Girl - Remixes

Set List

Zahed Sultan's performance consists of a 60min multi-instrument set that features a main performer playing electronic instruments, complimented by live visuals, which harmoniously blend into a contemporary, cross-cultural audio-visual journey.

Layered with tantalizing vocals in Arabic, English & Hindi, varying tempos (bet. 85bpm – 122bpm), arrangements and musical styles, Zahed Sultan constructs 16 original songs live while sampling original animation / video footage.