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The best kept secret in music


"Zaida Valentin"

An Amazing album,Strong R&B Vocals delivered in spanish and english.Reggaeton,Hip-Hop And R&B I love it ..... - Orlando Sen


2007: Debut LP Self titled album "From A To Z"


Feeling a bit camera shy


Every artist in hip-hop that has made it, and even for those who haven’t, has a story. And before you even read on, you probably already know what that story is. It probably goes something like; “born into a broken home, tried school but it wasn’t for them, succumbed to life in the streets, hustled a little, maybe been to jail, found music, and here they are.” That seems to be the recipe for hip hop artists now-a-days. And for good reason, because it is those experiences just mentioned that provide the catalyst for what the artist is most passionate about; their life expressed through music. And for 21 year old, Puerto Rican Reggaeton artist, Zaida Valentin it’s no different, but that’s not to say that it’s the same either.

Orlando, for the 48 million tourists that visit each year, is probably a place filled with great memories of times spent with family and friends, pictures of Mickey Mouse and swimming with Shamu. But for Zaida, who was born and raised in Orlando, it is a place that has tore apart her family life but at the very same time has given her life. Zaida was born November 26th, 1985, to a mother who abused drugs and to a father who was never around. Zaida lived with her mother until she was 8, in which during that time, Zaida and her mother often frequented shelters as a temporary place to stay while her mom was in search of her next fix. With her mother abusing drugs, as well as being in and out of jail, Zaida and her sister Lisa were sent to live with their grandmother.

It was while staying with her grandparents that Zaida discovered her love for music. She first began singing while attending church with her grandparents and for the moment it seemed like life, for Zaida, was somewhat normal. But then again there is no normal life, there’s just life. Zaida’s grandmother passed away when she was 15, leaving Zaida to live with her grandfather. But being a widower took its toll on her grandfather and often left him depressed and often left Zaida unsupervised. Left with no one else, Zaida did something that no one at her age, these days, would even think of; she emancipated herself at the age of 16.

Now while most 16 year old girls are planning their Sweet 16 parties or trying to figure out what to wear to school the next day, Zaida was trying to figure out how she was going to eat and keep a roof over her head. At this point, Zaida had stopped going to church for some time and had completely submersed herself into a life of illegal substances, hustling, and even dancing in a dance clubs. When looking back at her days as a dancer, she knew that it somehow prepared her for her future as a performing artist. “It’s made me more confident, it’s strengthened my sex appeal and I feel it has helped with my stage presence.”

For Zaida, people came and went; she never let herself become attached to anything, except music. “The only thing that has stayed with me was my love for music,” says Zaida. “It was always an option; no one could ever take that away from me.”

Her debut album, entitled “From A to Z ”, is a fusion of Reggaeton, Hip-Hop and R&B with powerful hooks and exhilarating verses, but is also a culmination of her life experiences, that are meant to keep the party going as well as inspire and soothe someone going through a multitude of situations. “This album has something for everybody. It totally depends on the person’s mindset as to what songs they might play when they listen to the album.” “This album gets real personal. At one point I wanted to drop one of the songs from the album because I felt it was almost too personal.” That song, entitled “Confessions” is a song in which she confesses, to her boyfriend, that she has cheated. “It’s not something I’m proud of, but I know other women out there have done the same and may not know how to handle the situation. I just wanted to keep it real.” “Time to Wonder” is another autobiographical track in which Zaida reminisces of the times she shared with her grandmother before her passing. “I wanted to dedicate a song to my grandmother to show her that I brought with me the things she has taught me and remembered the stories she has told me, and I am using them in my music.”

Now for those of you who aren’t in a somber mood and feel quite the opposite, party tracks like, “Tu y Yo (Me & You)” featuring Arcangel (Better known from the sensational reggaeton duo Arcangel & De Legato) and “Good As Dance” featuring Mr. Vegas (who catapulted to the top of the charts in 1997 with his single “Heads High”) are sure to be instant club bangers. “Good As Dance” makes me feel like I’m at a wet t-shirt contest, just having a good time,” says Zaida. “These are “Have a good time” tracks; they produce a good vibe and an all around “feel good” atmosphere.” These tracks are sure to increase adrenalin levels and inspire trips to the dance floor.

Now being that Zaida is 100% Puerto Rican, what would the album be if there w