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Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
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"Rapping With Zaire"

Jamal Quezaire, aka Zaire, recently appeared on MTV's “RapFix Live”—the first Milwaukee artist to do so. He was immediately co-signed by DJ Khaled of Cash Money Records.

What's new in the rap world?

[In his best Tony Montana voice] Me, that's who! Also, technology. And not just for making music, either—getting music heard, too. You can reach anybody in the world now. Another new thing is not having a formula to "make it." Artists can be themselves. Before, you had to be hard, or a thug or whatever.

Why do they call it “the game,” when nobody plays?

Music is an industry, and a very profitable one. You have to have strategies and calculate moves—like a chess game. Have you heard the term "life is a game to be played"? Kinda like that.

How was the MTV show?

Great! A career boost—got the attention of a lot of industry people, and also upcoming artists wanting beats. Felt good getting the stamp of approval of somebody like DJ Khaled, and personally confirmed a lot of things. I can do this, and I know that now. When you're pursuing something and it gets hard, you may second-guess yourself, or get depressed. This reignited me. It also let people know I can do it, too—doubters, haters, nonbelievers and whatnot. Sometimes those closest to you are the worst.

How did you get there?

Built a strong fan base through the Internet, and the buzz garnered enough attention from the right people.

What of Cash Money Records?

I've been sending music to Gudda Gudda and Short Dawg. Here's hoping my beats make one of their upcoming releases.

Any sign of Lil Wayne?

Not yet, but hopefully. He's definitely one of my favorites.

What is difficult or challenging about Milwaukee's music scene?

To be honest, I don't know. I never tried to win over the local scene. I always felt like the world is bigger than one city.

What about the upside?

Milwaukee is very diverse—all types of people, different crowds. I don't think hip-hop artists here use this to their advantage enough.

How would you describe your lyrical style?

Diverse/versatile. I can rap in any direction, do whatever: lyrical, straight to the point, or emotional. Or I can have fun. I'm just myself. Some artists are just one way all the time. How many times can you rap about the club? Getting money? Being hard? Boring as hell. I can't be boxed in. Being an eclectic person, I'm into all kinds of music, art—everything. Listening, you'll hear different genres of music, different flows and rap styles. My music reflects my personality and what I'm into at the time.

Where can people hear you?

I'm everywhere:,,, Twitter (@zairemuzik) and - Shepherd Express

"Zaire gets MTV shout out"

I've got to direct special attention to Milwaukee rapper Zaire, who was recently featured on MTV's "RapFix" where he got some love from DJ Khaled. Who: Zaire
What: Making an appearance on MTV's "RapFix," with special guest DJ Khaled
Milwaukee Connection: The rapper born Jamal Quezaire is based in the city. - Milwaukee Journal Sentinal Online


Zaire, a local college student, appeared on MTV’s Hip Hop show “Rap Fix Live” April 21.

Zaire (whose actual name is Jamal Quezaire) says he’s a student at the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and received the chance to debut his video, “Use Your Love” on the television show.

Interviewed by Sway, a journalist for MTV, his video was critiqued by DJ Khaled during the “Get In The Game” segment.

The segment allows new artists to have their videos played on MTV and receive advice from veterans in the music industry.

According to Zaire, he received positive feedback. His segment was aired live and he was interviewed through Skype while other guests were in the MTV studio in New York.

It was a struggle and grind just to get to that point (on MTV),” he said. “There were times when I wanted to give up, but this shows if you have faith and never stop, the hard work will pay off, I hope this inspires other people to never give up following their dreams" - PINE BLUFF COMMERCIAL

"uNdiscovered rapper"

Jamal Quezaire (aka Zaire pronounced Zi-ear) is an inspiring rap artist whose passion involves everything from rapping, producing, songwriting, and composing music. The broadcast journalism major is a senior from Detroit. He has a promising career already opening for well known rap artists such as Plies, Trina, Nas, and on June 13, Ice Cube.
Zaire started writing rhymes at 12 and made beats at 14.
“It was my outlet to express myself. My mom listened to Lenny Kravitz and her music is really diverse from Biggie to Jazz. Growing up I heard all genres of music; that’s why I come up with all kinds of sounds.”
Zaire isn’t the typical rapper. His style is different from today’s radio and video airplay.
“You can’t stamp a genre of hip hop on me,” he said.
Rappers Wale and Kid Cudi are rap hipsters and B.O.B is compared to rapper Andre 3000 then there are mixtape rappers such as Cory Gunz.
“The dilemma is should I be myself and risk nobody liking me or be like everyone else, it’s unfortunate.”
Rap artists like Tupac and Eminem you may have never met them but through their music you know all about them from their children to their moms. Zaire music is more personal and emotional than a lot of what rappers rhyme now.
“A lot of artist do not show vulnerability. I’m real, I show all sides.”
Being a rapper in today’s society either you are commercial or underground. Zaire is more interested in touching people with his rap then rapping about anything.
“Somebody sent me a text message explaining they were in tears, my song was heartfelt. When first rapping you really don’t think that’ll happen being able to touch people and getting respect.”
Zaire may be known across seas as well as other cities in the states but a lot of UAPB students aren’t aware of his talent.
“The reason the yard don’t know about me is cause of me, now I’m low key and I haven’t been promoting myself. Any kind of business you have you gotta have a target audience and I don’t rap like what a lot of students listen to.”
Even though UAPB’s yard isn’t buzzing about Zaire this past February he went to a TJ’s DJ’s music conference in Florida. The conference is filled with recording labels, rappers showcasing their talent and established rappers.
“Mike Payne and I did the beat battle and placed first, winning 16 hours at Laylow Studios, a radio interview and a free web design on MySpace,” he said. Also, his music is on two different mixtapes over seas; DJ Steelo from Japan and DJ Style Loop from Germany.
The biggest issue is how does an inspiring rapper who is on the path to success make college his first priority.
“I try hard as I can and try to keep up with my studies and other stuff that comes up.”
After graduation, Zaire plans to keep producing, rapping and writing music. He’s already written for one of Missy Elliot’s artist Tanesha Scott. Zaire wants people who listen to his music to remember to be open minded. “It’s not ordinary music it’s art. Take time to listen to it. I feel like I’m from another planet.”
To check out Zaire go to his MySpace page or facebook him Jamal Quezaire. Look for his album, The Journey, fall 2009. - The Young, Gifted and Black Journalist Joia J


Still working on that hot first release.



Zaire has featured in the following TV/Media/Publications:
Appeared on MTV Rapfix Live "Get In The Game" segment
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (jsonline)
Milwaukee Magazine
Co-Signed By DJ Khaled (YMCMB)
Appeared on BET 106 N Park
The Mayweather Live Show
The "Arkansawyer" Newspaper

Produced for : Jim Jones (Dipset)

Sponsored by:
Mishka NYC clothing
T.I.T.S clothing

The 2009 Tj's Dj's Beat Battle Winner

Has music on international releases:
Germany(Dj Styloop Dezember mix), and Japan (Dj Steelo Sweet Sauce vol. 9)

Also Written & Produced radio/Tv commercials for the
"WingZone" franchise restaurant


Hip-hop music, used to be a rebellious voice of the youth and an outlet for artistic expression, but now it has, unfortunately, grown to be a game of follow the leader. Most upcoming artists nowadays just copy another popular artist’s blueprint and formula for success, which is killing the game. Originality is almost something of the past , giving way to bubblegum” rappers" more concerned with making a so called "hit" song than being a trendsetter and innovative. Then you have an artist like; Zaire who is a leader, and never has been a follower. Rather than conform to what’s "hot" at the time and music industry standards, Zaire is breaking rules and making his own lane in hip hop. Possessing sharp lyricism and top notch production skills are setting him apart from his peers, because hes creating his own sound, the 22-year-old lyricist has proven that skills can still win in the rap game.His production was heavily influenced by the polished sound of Dr. Dre, the boom bap and chopped samples of Dj Premier, the bounce of Dj Toomp, and creativity of people like Kanye West and the Late J. Dilla. Visual artists and painters such as Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, also give Zaire inspiration to paint his own musical pictures . Now, ready to take advantage of on such promise, Zaire is ready to drop "The Journey". With the release of his debut street album/ mixtape, "The Journey" Zaire at last gets to show off his killer tracks and sick flow to the whole world. The album is a combination of R&B, classic hip hop, trance, soul, classical music and rap , it’s also jam-packed with catchy hooks and crazy wordplay, punch lines and metaphors. "From the joints to the production — the whole focus of the album is crazy," explains the Midwest lyricist. "It's Journey through life and different soundscapes." " With this album i wanna take you on a journey through my life, the ups & downs, show vunerablity ya know?, everything that makes me laugh, cry, happy and & sad", says Zaire. His fusion musical style is as rebellious and eclectic as his personality and it's not made up or from a marketing team. Check out his iTunes playlist and you'll catch him knocking joints from Prince, Hendrix, Eminem, Lauryn Hill, Daft Punk, 2 Pac, The Cure, Biggie and Jay -Z. Primarily produced by The Titnaz Productions which is his insane and diverse production team that consist of Jae Artrelle, Travis Beane, and of course Zaire. Zaire's first solo album has the streets already buzzing. The mix of ill sample chops, futuristic boom bap, sick melodies and chord changes is the perfect backdrop for his musical mayhem