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"Seattle Times"

"This rugged rock is the genuine article. No sham or pretense here, just solid presentation, inspired songwriting, and a genuine if occasionally deranged sense
of humor. Daniels doesn't just sing a lyric, he seems to live it."

- By Paul Michaelson

All reviews can be seen in their original complete form on the band's web site: - By Paul Michaelson

"Dallas Morning News"

"Lead guitarist Jim (THE KAT) Katsikides, has a seemingly endless array of talent. His refreshingly
powerful master-strokes enable Daniels extraordinary lyrics to penetrate even the thickest levels of
musical prejudice.

With a mischievous wit, Daniels turns
introspection and observation of everyday events and situations into an art form, and he and
the Snakes also rock the house."

Dallas Morning News -
By Brendan Maher - By Brendan Maher

"Music Express"

"If Rock n Roll is like sex (and it often is), then ZAK DANIELS And The ONE EYED SNAKES are like a multiple orgasm. It's a nonstop party that draws women to the front of the stage like, well... like great rock."

by Gerald Laurence
Music Express - (Times Examiner Group)

- by Gerald Laurence (Times Examiner Group)

"New York Daily News"

"Zak Daniels is that rare refreshing breeze in an otherwise oppressive jungle of angst, alienation and misogyny that dominates contemporary pop music.
Daniels injects equal parts humor, passion and good solid rock into his music.
Highlighted on the album's 15 generous tracks is the righteous guitar work of co-producer Jim Katsikides. "This record is fresh and uncliched."

By Bruce Adams

- By Bruce Adams

"The Boston Globe"

"Rocks with a ferocity unseen in these parts for years. Acerbic wit and biting often sarcastic insight. Lead guitarist and co-producer Jim Katsikides, is a riff slinger in the tradition of Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page and Billy Gibbons. He knows when to rage and when to pull back to allow Daniels room to move. The whole collection sparkles with a lustful sense of humor that reaffirms the notion that it's still okay to have some fun in rock and roll."

By Scott Alarik
The Boston Globe

- By Scott Alarik

"San Francisco Chronicle"

If you thought good old fashioned rock and roll with a modern edge was something only the Rolling Stones or U2 attempted every few years, you owe yourself a listen to ZAK DANIELS and the ONE EYED SNAKES. Inspired if occasionally demented vocals and thought provoking lyrics, Daniels skill as a songwriter is evident on all of the record's highly charged tracks. Good hard rock is alive and well and Zak and his Snakes are worthy progenitors.

By Darrius Siffre
San Francisco Chronicle
- By Darrius Siffre

"Washington Post"

Daniels and his One Eyed Snakes make contact and in a variety of ways that suggest a return to the passion that gave birth to this music. He and his band deliver the material convincingly and with feeling. Listen to TOMBSTONE HAT, SKY-BOY and FAIR-WEATHER FRIENDS and you'll find the spirit is alive and well.

By Neil OLunney
Washington Post - By Neil OLunney


The self titled 15 song debut CD on independent "BIG WATER RECORDS" scored two Top-40 singles for a total of 39 weeks on the charts.

"SKY-BOY" (The first single from the debut CD)

"TOMBSTONE HAT" (The second single from the CD)
#1 on the Up And Coming Chart before breaking into the AC-TOP 40

"SNAKELAND" is the title of our new CD. Keep an ear out for the song "SILICONE," as it looks to be the first single from "SNAKELAND."

Both records can be found at CDBaby, iTunes, iSound,, and just about everywhere you can purchase music.

If you'd like to have a listen, you can stream both CDs for free at the following page on our web site:



It's not Grunge, it's not Punk, it's not Rap and it's not Crap! ZAK DANIELS And The ONE EYED SNAKES are straight ahead, in your face, kick-ass Rock & Roll! The way our listeners like it. SYLVIA BENJAMIN, KSFX

Besides the passion and love we have for intelligent lyrics combined with high energy kick ass rock... it was the lure of cheap motel rooms, fast goupies and a free continental breakfast that inspired us to become and continue being musicians. (Okay, we like the music too.) ZD

Our individual influences span the musical universe from Billy Holiday and Satchmo to the Beatles and Stones and from Bob Dylan & Joni Mitchell to Thin Lizzy, The Who, Jane's Addiction, The Black Crows and on it would go if there was enough time to write them all down. If it was great music it became part of our being.

I think it's almost impossible for an artist to draw a line between the soundtrack of his life and the music that influenced his own art. It just becomes a beautiful blur.

"It's not that the cream always rises to the top, but rather... given enough time, the shit always sinks to the bottom." Z.D.

BIOOGRAPHY (What's in a name?)

The burgeoning Los Angeles club scene has witnessed the birth of dozens of quality rock bands from the Doors to Guns 'N' Roses, but none quite so humorously defiant as "ZAK DANIELS AND THE ONE EYED SNAKES." Take the band's name for instance. "When you play music for a living, sometimes you take almost any job that comes along" says Zak, the tall, trim lead vocalist/rhythm guitarist who fronts the four piece outfit. "A few years ago we were literally existing from gig to gig, when an odd looking gentleman approached us after a show and asked if we'd like to score and play on the soundtrack for a film he was producing. Imagine our surprise when a few days later, we arrived at a Hollywood Hills mansion that featured a home studio and was also the location for the film, a Triple X rated one at that."

"After completing the soundtrack later that week, we were asked to select a fictitious name for the credits. As a lark, we selected "THE ONE EYED SNAKES." Now, we didn't make this choice to offend women or anything like that, we were just having fun with the new, ugh, genre in which we were working. And guess what, the producers rejected the name because they thought it was too raunchy (Say What? It's a porn flick!). I don't recall what name was used for the music credits, but we decided then and there that the "One Eyed Snakes" moniker would be resurrected." And with their eponymous debut CD on independent "BIG WATER RECORDS," Zak and his mates did just that.

Long known on the local club circuit as a no nonsense hard rock band, the group has matured considerably since they were hailed as "the next big thing" by local radio and press in the mid nineties. Zak has maintained a philosophical outlook about such hyperbole. "It's been said many times by many people, but there is some truth in the phrase: "Nothing is an overnight sensation," he noted appropriately. After a couple of line-up changes the Snakes have become a permanent musical family. JIMMY (KAT) KATSIKIDES, who co-produced the album with Daniels, brandishes one of the meanest lead guitars in all of rock. The rhythm section consists of DOUG LAVERY on drums and ORION LINDEMAN on bass. Together they anchor a sound that can overwhelm the casual listener or tenderly seduce them.

The fifteen tracks on the CD reflect the poise and versatility of Daniels, who's catalog boasts over two hundred and fifty songs. Songs like "FOURTEEN DOLLARS & 57 CENTS," "TOMBSTONE HAT," "BROWN EYED BEAUTY" and "SKY-BOY," are evocative of the passion that has always been the band's trademark on stage, but so too are "WORDS," "CARTOON SAVIOR" and "FAST ONES." From their hometown of L.A. to the Big Apple and back, you can bet that wherever ZAK DANIELS AND THE ONE EYED SNAKES appear, fans will be left with a smile on their face.

By DAVID BUDGE - Red Rooster

Our second CD "SNAKELAND" has been released - You can check it out at:

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