Zak Morgan

Zak Morgan


Grammy-nominated recording artist Zak Morgan delights children and parents alike with his wonderful wordplay and his magical live performances. His love of reading and imagining and his motto, “I can do it” are contagious.


After graduating from Kenyon College in 1994, Zak Morgan began a career in sales for Recorded books, Inc. in New York City. His engaging personality and his self-starting tireless work ethic helped him quickly become one of the company’s top sales representatives, more than doubling sales in his territory in just two years. Within three years, Zak was promoted to Director of Rights Acquisitions.

In 1999, Morgan decided to take a leap of faith and follow his dreams. He applied the same work ethic he exhibited at Recorded Books to his new career as a children’s entertainer and quickly developed a reputation as one of the hardest workers in the business. Within 18 months, he was performing more than 200 shows a year in schools, libraries, and small theatres and continued that at pace for seven straight years, reaching more than 700,000 children. Even more impressive, Morgan booked all of these shows himself. Morgan’s friendly, professional, and humble attitude endears him to presenters as much as children, and many of them bring him back season after season. Morgan also finds time to give back in the form of charity shows in children’s hospitals and for a variety of benefits.

In 2003, Zak Morgan’s second record When Bullfrogs Croak was nominated for a GRAMMY, a rare feat and an incredible achievement for an independent release. His article “How On Earth Was I Nominated for a GRAMMY?” encourages other artists to believe in themselves, follow their dreams, work hard, and steer clear of people who use the word “can’t.” The article spread through the internet and has inspired thousands of performers throughout the country.

Morgan’s kind heart, work ethic, humility and generous spirit, along with his gifts with language, melody, and children have had a very positive and lasting effect on hundreds of thousands of people throughout the country.


When Bullfrogs Croak

Written By: Zak Morgan

Once upon a time there was tiny tadpole
Who slithered to the surface of a tiny mud hole.
Legless and armless, defenseless and harmless,
Swimmin’ with the fishes, he was vulnerable.

But then he sprouted webbed limbs and a couple of lungs,
‘Til there was nothin’ but a bottom where his tail had once hung.
An amphibious leaper with insidious peepers
Bulgin’ at a target for a very fast tongue.

A bullfrog’s tongue is wound like a whip
With a big hot dab of sticky glue on the tip.
If you’re an insect who’s flyin’, watch out who’s spyin’,
He’s a patient tongue slinger who shoots from the lip.

A bullfrog croaks with the coming of spring,
But it isn’t like a birdie when you hear a frog sing.
Though it sounds like he’s retching, frogettes find it fetching,
They can’t resist the pull of his mysterious ring.

When bullfrogs croak,
The sound will travel.
When bullfrogs croak,
All the frogettes have to see.
When bullfrogs croak
With guttural gravel,
It’s Mother Nature’s way,
I’m sure you’ll agree.

A full grown bullfrog’s a marvelous sight
When he’s sittin’ by a pond on a warm summer night.
He croaks without stopping and frogettes come hopping
From lily pad to lily pad beneath the moonlight!

At the end of the gig, when he’s far up the creek,
There’s a smile on his face and a fly in his cheek.
He lived ‘til he was old, but when his body’s cold,
He’s gonna hitch a ride to heaven in an old buzzard’s beak.

When bullfrogs croak,
The smell will travel.
When bullfrogs croak,
It finishes the circle, you see.
When bullfrogs croak,
With guts in the gravel,
It’s Mother Nature’s way,
I’m sure you’ll agree.


Bloom, 1999
When Bullfrogs Croak, 2003, GRAMMY FINALIST
ZakLand, 2008

Set List

(45-90 minutes, flexible)
When Bullfrogs Croak
The Cribling
The Pox of Chicken
The Hungry Things
The Spider's Web
Lester's Dementia
The Candy Machine
The Pox of Chicken
The Barber of the Beasts
The Butterfly