Zaman Fabriq

Zaman Fabriq


Ethno-Beatbox Babel Med Music 2009 / Official Selection


Welcome to a mediterranean odyssey through Time…

Zaman Fabriq (Time Factory) is the new project of Compagnie Rassegnarenowned for its musical creations around the Mediterranean. Driven by Bruno Allary, (saz, mandole, and guitar), the crew is composed of musicians from both shores well-known for their expertise: Cheikh Zeïn Mahmoud (Egyptian singer), Isabelle Courroy (kaval player and Aksak group founder), Tiko (beatboxer from Lyon) and Philippe Guiraud (bass, keyboard).

Together, they reinvent music from eastern Mediterranean, introducing vocal percussions of beatbox to Eastern and Turkisk music. At the same time, vocals and corporals’ percussions are enriched with this unique way of interpreting uneven rhythms of the Balkans.
A creation that forms a musical bridge between the cultures, the past, the present and the future of the Mediterranean, for the happiness of travellers…


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