There's a magnetic allure that is inspiring and exciting about Zamar The musicians perform with their entire being not holding back to ensure that the audience walks away with a part them. Zamar's music is new and fresh giving birth to a whole new genre that fuses jazz, rock, funk and classical.


Zamar has been together for over a decade. Brought together with one common goal: to be a force through music to inspire love, joy and peace. Zamar has a very exciting sound and is quite different because each musician brings a flavor and style preference of their own. The fusion is a work of art that's heard ear rather seen with the eye. CHECK OUT THE YOUTUBE LINK TO SEE US LIVE!!!!


Zamar self titled Zamar released 2000
Zamar "Day of Joy" released 2003.
Songs from "Day of Joy" were played on national radio stations and XM Satilite Radio. The songs that are in rotation are: Perfect Peace, Run the Race, Higher and Majestic.

Set List

Zamar's sets range from 45 minutes to an hour and a half depending on the venue. Audiences are amazed that Zamar has enough "GOOD" original material to perform four one hour sets... no joke, they've done many times at Seldom Blues!