Zambonie is peppy power pop quartette out of Kalamazoo, MI. With their catchy songs, memorable hooks, and animated live shows, these boys are not easily forgotten. By combining a wide array of influences ranging jazz to punk rock, Zambonie has created a unique style that pushes rock to a new level.


Years ago in the cold suburbs of Sweden, two brothers discovered alternative rock. Classically trained on the piano, Erik and Kent Widman turned away from their formal music background and ventured towards guitar driven rock. “I remember hearing ‘Smells like Teen Spirit’ for the first time” Erik recalls. “After that I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Like an infection, Erik and Kent began writing songs together combining influences from pop music from their childhood, with alternative rock from bands like Nirvana and Bush.

The Widman brothers left Sweden in 2000 and made the trek across the big pond. Shortly thereafter they enrolled at Western Michigan University where they met up with Jackson native drummer James Haldane. The trio started writing music together and making a name for them selves in Kalamazoo. In 2002 they released their first full length self titled album. The CD got great reviews and established them as one of West Michigan’s top alternative rock bands.

In early 2004 Haldane decided to leave the band to be able to spend more time with his newly born son. Percussion major Jon Wert filled the drummer position in Zambonie shortly thereafter. Wert resides on a jazz background and brings a whole new dimension to the band with his creative rhythms and style. Since Zambonie was going through a band member change, Erik and Kent decided to add a piano/moog player. Chris Sjoquist joined the band on the Keys, and the new 4-piece band advanced to a new level in musicianship and creativity.

Throughout the years Zambonie’s growth has been evident in their music. Zambonie has always had a unique style of songwriting consisting of powerful music, amazing lyrics, and addictive melodies. Erik communicates to the audience on a very personal level to the audience through heart wrenching lyrics. “The music is a form of therapy for me…and the songs seem to become much more emotional and interesting when I put my heart on my sleeve” says Erik. Zambonie plans to release their second CD in the near future and tour shortly thereafter. “We just want to have fun and spread the good word of rock’n’roll.”


Meadows and Straight Jackets

Written By: Erik Widman

Oh I know I think I'm loosing my mind
This medication can't save me from myself this time
"Wo ho, That's cool"
Who is that talking to me?
I know that you're in my head
I know this can't be real
I like you and your moods and your words that all sooth
if I could silence all these voices, make them smaller.
I think I'm loosing it, like Frances Farmer


Penny Lane Single (Beatles Cover) (2004)
Selftitled Album (2002)

"Penny Lane" is receiving airplay throughout Southern Michigan and Northen Indiana.
"California Man" Has recieved extensive comercial radio airplay throughout Michigan.
"Here's Today" & "California Man" are Streamed on the internet radio show "The Sonic Cronicles"

Set List

You're Allright
Back Home
Indoor Living
My Aberrant Slef
Queen of Liars
You Are One Too
Where You Are
Penny Lane
2nd Hand Friend
6/8 Song