we are a modern alternative hard rock band with an energy driven live sound, incorperating many different styles. very creative and melodic.


They are a focused, radio friendly band with an original sound with influences from all different genres of music, some include 311, Incubus, Deftones, Muse, and more. They have added styles of their own to complete the band known as Zamudio. Some would describe their sound as sometimes hard, sometimes soft, raw but catchy, very rhythmic with captivating melodies derived from other cultures, with a creative approach to emotion. The band formed in 1995, then in august of 2001, they replaced their singer with Andy, changed their name and started playing gigs all around Missouri like: the Family Arena, the Pageant, the Blue Note, Pops and more. They have won various battles most importantly the Concerts First Music Search giving them free recording sessions with Clayton Studios. They chose four songs to record and are currently being managed buy Greenmount which is located in Canada. Zamudio is now eager to record their newest material.


Proximity - A New Day

Set List

Candy Coated
A New Day
Lost Control

No Covers
up to 1 hour Sets