Zamza is from the eastern part of Russia near China from a town called Khabarovsk RUSSIA



Hailing from the eastern part of Russia, ZAMZA is a well-respected, major indie label signed, three-piece "Trip Hip Power Pop" band. Their debut CD, which will be in stores on July 10th, is entitled, "Turn To You", and should serve to further skyrocket the band's trajectory in the music industry. They are currently hard at work performing live in Russia throughout May and June - gearing up for the new release on Sunset Records in July 2007.

ZAMZA is unquestionably one of the most unique emerging artists today and is currently considered one of the most innovative bands around. Their music is intense, breathtaking, ranging from psychedelic driving club style sounds, to a progressive alternative pop style of music, blended with a wonderful compendium of other sounds in between.

The album was recorded at the Novikov Studio in Vladivostok, Russia, just 40 minutes from the bands home town of Khabarovsk. The band is fronted by keyboardist, producer Max K., who combined his talent with musicians Serge Tarakhteyev (guitar), and singer Evgenya Strochinskaya (Vocalist) completes the trio. "We have an entire CD of quality music to work, "says Don Lichterman, the founder and head of Sunset Records."They are some of the most intense musicians I have heard in a long time," Lichterman continues, "I cannot wait to get them all over America this year."
ZAMZA "is extremely happy about our new recording deal with Sunset Records for our debut album," comments Max K.. "Sunset has established itself as one of the world's top independent record labels. We couldn't be more enthusiastic about working with them to expand our audience to the United States and elevate the band to the next level." The band was found by the label through its online A&R submittal tool and Lichterman "could not more thrilled" how the band came to the label.

Lichterman goes on to say that he "was getting ready to encode the music for eSunset and was blown away the second I heard the first song." The first single is "Flyin' High" which showcases the wonderful vocals and melodic songs on this CD. Lichterman expects two United States tours this year. The fall plans for the band are to work strategic bookings where the band can play their own style of music for many hours. "We expect some great things from this band this year," Lichterman said from his New York office. This is the first signing at the main label at Sunset. Coincidentally, Lichterman booked the band Gorky Park at the studio he managed in 1989. They were the first Russian band to ever record in the United States.


Flyin' Away

Written By: music – Max/Serge, lyrics – Jane

I’m running away
Tryin’ to find a better day
Don’t know what to say
I just think of yesterday, get away

I wish I could fly
I guess the birds are getting high
I’m ready to die
If only I could touch the sky.

Chorus: I’m dreaming away now
Leaving yester-years without a trace.
Tomorrow’s OK now
I believe brighter days
Gonna be just like your sweetest embrace.

I feel like a bird
Like an angel in the sky
It’s getting me high
I can laugh and I can fly
Don’t wanna die
I’m flyin’ away
Hold my dreams within my way
The hope gives me ray
I’ll never think of yesterday.

Jane - Vocals
Serge – guitars/bass
Max – keyboards, drum programming, sequencing, sampling, add. FX
Alexey Parinov – Drums on 3, 7
Konstantin Fyodorov – Bass on 2
Yuriy Yudin – Guitar solo on 10

Mixing mastering, co-producing – Evgeny Kirillov

Teddy Bear

Written By: music – Max/Serge, lyrics – Jane

I wanna be your Teddy bear
So handle me with extra care!
I need someone who knows to treasure
Me more than money ever measure

Someone who’s learned that life is love
Someone who watches stars above
A person stops to smell the flowers
A person walks in April showers

Chorus: For I have so much love to share
That I’ll go with you
And even not brand new
Have tons of love just for you!

I was once a favorite toy
Belonging sweet little boy
But he left and went away
I haven’t seen for many a day.

I’ve been alone so very long
Won’t you please take me home?
Play games and take me out to play
We can be so merry and gay!


Turn It Over

Set List

Beeline and Pacific Media Ltd. to sponsor Zamza concert in Russia

(Khabarovsk, Russia) - - (BILLBOARD PUBLICITY WIRE) - Beeline, the premier mobility solutions provider in the Russian region, is co-sponsoring, along with Pacific Media, the 'Zamza live in Concert' show. The show will take place at the City Of Ponds outdoor area in the center of Khabarovsk, Russia on Thursday, June 12th, 2007.

Beeline has also launched a promotion whereby 1,500 to 3,000 Zamza fans will get to see Zamza in person free, for this anniversary event.

During this very special show located in Eastern Russia, Zamza's lucky die-hard fans will hear them perform all of their songs hitting radio this month. They include Flyin’ Away', 'Teddy Bear', Somethin’ Bout Love', and 'Use Your Chance' - are all singles from their latest album, 'Turn To You'.
Zamza is now becoming one of the most successful music performers in the world. Their two singles are being worked to Top Forty and Electronics formats at Radi