Zane Castaneda

Zane Castaneda


Writes music that explores the darker emotions of love and seeks to incite a smile in those that dwell on heartache.


Zane grew up in Central California. Music was very limited where he was from and the first song he heard was from K.C. & the Sunshine Band at the age five. No one in his family was musically inclined. When MTV was introduced through the media, he started to soak in anything that aired. He was particularly drawn to heavy metal music. After several years playing air guitar in the mirror, he decided to pick up a real guitar at the age of 18. Over the years he played in a few garage metal bands, but nothing came of these endeavors. Despite the fact that he met Jeff Buckley in Seattle through a chance encounter he didn’t discover Jeff's music until 1999. Zane’s vocal experience was limited to singing in the shower and in the car. Zane’s idea to sing publicly changed when close friend Jason McCullough, singer of the band SP Unlimited, passed away. The remaining bandmates of SP Unlimited and Zane decided to form the Jeff Buckley Tribute Band called MojoPin in 2002, in memory of Jason, who was a fan of Jeff’s music. After MojoPin broke up, Zane has been performing solo gigs at various locations around Seattle and Portland. He is currently working on starting an original line–up with tracks to be released in 2005.



Written By: Zane Castaneda

Sitting alone in the dark
With a candle trying to hide
Cause I can't stop dreaming
That you're laying by my side
All my life I have searched for the inspiration
To be my guide
So I wish I had a beautiful little muse
With me tonight
'Cause this feels just like drowning
'Cause this feels just like drowning
Without you
I don't know where you have gone
but I'd follow
And if you chased rabbits
And tumbled down a hole
I would follow
Beautiful little muse
Don't go too far
Promises are made with a kiss
And our lips should never part
'Cause this feels just like drowning Without you......



Set List

Mojopin - Jeff Buckley
Grace - Jeff Buckley
So Real - Jeff Buckley
Muse - Zane Castaneda
The Last Time - Zane Castaneda
Sweet Torture - Zane Castaneda
Wicked Game - Chris Isaack
Creep - Radiohead
Nutshell - Alice In Chaines