Zane Ellis

Zane Ellis


Zane realizes that leading worship is about connecting, but more than that, it's about allowing Jesus to change lives.


Even banging out tunes in his garage band as an early teen, Zane Ellis soon knew that God had called him to serve. He desired to do more than just write songs for entertainment, but instead to lead others into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. As he grew older and more mature in leading others in worship, Zane began to realize that God has been using his writing not only to help transform the worship of others, but also his own life. Today Zane leads worship for Christ-followers at various events around the country with an edgy, guitar-driven sound that reminds listeners much of the Passion movement and fellow lead worshippers Chris Tomlin, Matt Redman and Hillsong United. The desire of Zane's heart is not just to lead worship, but to help connect the Christ follower, as well as the lost, to Christ through his lyrics, his music, and his message.



Written By: Zane Ellis

How can I be righteous before a God who’s great and gave even more of a sacrifice that I could not give and who lived a life that I could not live
So I’ll lift you high above all the earth and I’ll sing about your marvelous worth
You’re glorious, you’re glorious

Profound is your wisdom and great is your power
No one can receive you and come out unchanged
You move the mountains and you shake the earth
You speak to the sun and you seal off the stars


You made the heavens, you tread on the seas
You can’t be fathomed, your wonders don’t cease

You’re incomparable, you’re unperceivable
My heart wants to sing of your glorious name


Written By: Zane Ellis

You hold the waters in your hand
Rise up the mountains to the sky
Measure all of heaven in your span
Here, Lord, it’s you I’m lifting high

You know my name and you know my heart
From you I could not depart
I’ll never know the measure of your ways

You’re so amazing, you’re so amazing
You’re so amazing, you’re so amazing

There’s no one like, no one like you
There’s no one like, no one like you
There’s no one like, no one like you
There’s no one like you

This Heart

Written By: Zane Ellis and Andy McGowan

As I stand before you God trying to think and wonder why
I don’t know why I did not choose to trust
You oh God sent your Son for me, the truth of all that would set me free
I’m sorry Lord for the nails I drove in your
Hands are clean and my life is true because I chose to accept you
I’m ready now for you to take me in your arms

As I reach for the sky for your hands of grace
As your love flows down to ease the pain
I will live for you for all of my days
This heart is a place living for you
This heart is a place living for you


Desperate- 2004

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