New, fresh and innovative Latin music from Colombia. Latin sounds and rhythms meet jazz and improvised music. Experienced musicians deliver a new approach on creative music with influences form jazz to funk and form ¨cumbia¨ to ¨porro¨.


Coming form different musical backgrounds, Cesar Medina , ¨Lucho¨Guevara and ¨Kike¨ Mendoza started off a new musical idea called ¨Zaperoco¨ in 2003.
All these musicians come form a very strong jazz background and they decided to give to their compositions a fresh and innovative approach with the light coming form the local Colombian music that was all around the air during the first years of the new century.
They joined forces with experienced drummer Pedro Acosta and local jazz legend William Maestre and soon found the sound they were looking for, with they right combination of jazz, improvisation and both Colombian and Latin rhythms.
Recently the outstanding sax and traditional flute (¨quena¨) player Juan Benavides joined the group, and a young trombone player Sebastián Cifuentes complete the line-up of players and composers of this all star Colombian band.


¨Todos Somos De La Casa¨ , Alma Records, 2005 (LP)

Set List

All original compositions and arrangements written by the members of the band.

Long set: 1:45 min or two sets of 45 minutes each.