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"ZAPPATiKAs new studio album"

The Short But Legendary Flight of the Dodo - 16 tracks - 55 minutes :

is,in the words of chief composer ,Mcinnes, a "very badly disguised tribute to Frank Zappa" and brings a lot of that great Rock composers ideas and concepts very much into the 21st century -
The music is eclectic Guitar rock ,but then blended to very "fat" modern beats and cross-cultural (indian,mongolian,slavic) melodic influences. Like their hero Zappa, the band have also included a lot of humour in the process and snippets of 'interesting' conversations are spattered throughout the album.

Mcinnes continues , "The album has a kind of theme in which the Dodo takes on the role of Music , or the Human Race- depending on how deeply you look- and a lot of influence has been taken from Franks way of putting an album together...there are one or two 'commercial' numbers -but essentially the album will appeal to a quite 'particular' audience "

Upon listening, the Flight of the Dodo is almost intense, and at others light and relaxing, and then again complex melody or driving dance beat , or funny -

truly an interesting listening experience and ,for a debut album, this is an accomplished project .

More information and tracks from The Short But Legendary Flight of the Dodo--

- iNews Letter-Music Dish .com

"ZAPPATiKA - the new album"

(20.10.2008) ZAPPATIKA: THE SHORT BUT LEGENDARY FLIGHT OF THE DODO (FreakOutProduktionz, 2008) Must admit I was a little slow cottoning on to ZAPPATiKA, who hail from my homeland. But when I finally did, I thought: this is the way! They’re “a very badly disguised” FZ tribute band, who incorporate lots of ‘fat’ beats, modern noises, and long airy multi-overdubbed guitar lines – as well as copious FZ references - to create their own unique sound. My favourite track so far is actually a non-Zappa slow guitar instrumental piece. Originally titled Boris The Jazz Dog, band leader and guitarist McInnes wrote it a long time ago, and always had a sound in his head for the lead guitar melody which he could never quite capture. Until now – “I finally kind of got it the way it is in my head!” he exclaimed. So, now the song is simply known as Finally Got It Right. I think you’ll agree. Where to start with the Zappa references? Well, just a quick scan of the track list will give you a good idea. They crop up all over. But as I say, there’s also much originality on display here. No straight covers. Indeed, only Joe’s Cajun Garage is actually credited to FZ, though the band readily admit that the debt is large. Looking forward to big things from these guys. - The Nr 1 FZ Fan site


Live on Stage 2007
The Short but Legendary Flight of the Dodo (Oct 2008)
Live n Kicking 2009



A blend of lead guitarist/singer Mcinnes' own compositions and some very strong influences from genius Rock-composer Frank Zappa , the music is versatile, often complex, where possible funny and often very exhilirating....for the band and the audience !

Try to catch them on their week long UK tour from March 18 - 23
The shows on this first UK tour will feature many of the bands own eclectic compositions and also some Zappa tribute sections as an added bonus !