Zapruder Sequence

Zapruder Sequence

 Dallas, Texas, USA

Pop rock with a pinch (a big pinch) of country thrown in. "The Zapruder Sequence is... swagger and drawl, but with enough young blood to pump some pop and rock into Texas’ deepest wells of inspiration." - Sam Machkovech (Dallas Observer)


Hello. We are the Zapruder Sequence. We like to strum big chords and shimmy and shake to poppy beats. Pop songs, rock songs, country songs, cover songs are all fair game - we do as we please, although we do aim to please you, that is, oh fair listener.

We're all from Dallas, East Dallas (The EDT), Texas, and like to play music and Trivial Pursuit. James plays bass, and he'll drag out the saxophone when the mood strikes him. Jon hits guitar strings, keyboards and band mates. Jordan keeps up with guitaring, singing and breathing. Michael does a fair job of merging the disparate fields of drumming and architecture and Sean keeps it all together with some fat chords. The five of us play songs about women, life and Spain.

With the completion of their second album, Pretty Girl Charm Lies, the East Dallas band The Zapruder Sequence have crafted a document that touches on their influences yet also builds upon them to forge a distinctively “ZS” sound. Recorded by Stuart Sikes, mastermind behind such heavy-hitters as The Walkmen’s Bows and Arrows and Cat Power’s most recent classic The Greatest, the album distills much of what the band values in the rock, country, and pop communities into a seamless whole.

Says Jordan Munn, songwriter for the quartet: "Every person or band that I've loved musically has been an innovator in some way. Whether it's Neil Young, the Old 97's, the Pernice Brothers, Califone, or Calexico, they all have managed to balance making appealing music and pushing their art into new places. So that's the tradition I buy into, the tradition of innovation."

With comparisons to the late great Replacements, the aforementioned Old 97's, the Lemonheads and current popsters the Long Winters, the Zapruder Sequence successfully incorporates those punk, country, rock, and pop sounds into its repertoire.

"At Texas colleges, from the hippest to the most redneck, there's always the one guy who gets it. Listens to the best deep cuts in country, blues and even punk rock; is the youngest kid in the crowd at the old C&W gigs; wears Western shirts not because he's being cool, but because he got 'em from his dad. The Zapruder Sequence is like that one guy--swagger and drawl, but with enough young blood to pump some pop and rock into Texas' deepest wells of inspiration--and their latest disc, Pretty Girl Charm Lies, is a heartbreak roadtrip from El Paso to Dallas, from Austin to Marfa."

—Sam Machkovech (Dallas Observer)


Pretty Girl Charm Lies (2007 LP)

Assassination City Derby - Watch Your Head Vol. 1 (2006 Comp.)

Zapruder Sequence (2003 EP)

Set List

We play sets from 45 minutes to 2 hours long. We pick songs from our 25 originals and various covers of classic country, rock and alternative country.