Zarsoff Brothers

Zarsoff Brothers

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Legendary Australian comedy-rock band The Zarsoff Bros, infamous for their bizarre onstage antics and irreverence for the rock stardom construct, are back on the road to promote their new studio album "Mixed Business" - an attempt at wider airplay


This band reached cult-level status in Australia between the late 1970s and mid-1980s. Renowned for their dynamic and bizarre live stage presence, The Zarsoff Brothers combined tight punchy R&B with antics designed to deconstruct the rock-star myth. The grown-up version of the band is still putting industry noses out of joint, though their 2005 album 'Mixed Business' attempts to bridge the airplay divide somewhat. Their irreverent performance approach has made it harder to secure regular live work in the neo-conservative Australia of the 21st century - however the rarity of their performances has somehow added value to their status as cult-level icons.


EP - "Bumsweat & Other Popular Filth" (1980)
EP - "Nose-Pickin Boogie" (1982)
Studio Album - "Rude Awakening" (1983)
Single - "Handyman / Workin It Out" (1984)
Live Album - "Chockablock Full of Live" (1985)
EP - "Zarsoffs Unplugged" (2003)
Studio Album - "Mixed Business" (2005)

Set List

75-minute set preferred, though will stretch to 45 + 75, if absolutely necessary
Songs from new album (main set):
"Introducing Bertha"; "Gimme Loot"; "Mr Aphrodisiac"; "Wealth of Poverty"; "These Dreams"; "Tootin Annie"; "Mull Up"; "The Kid Next Door"; "TV Junkie"; "All About You"; "Dirty Little Creatures"; "Carnival #4" + other classic Zarsoffian crowd-pleasers: "Fast Goodnight"; "Dog's Boogie"; "Nose-Pickin Boogie"; "Big Ten Inch"

Other songs to choose from (45-minute set):
"One of Those Nights"; "You Aint Here"; "Dicks Don't Grow On Trees"; "Lost Watch"; "Working It Out"; "Little Red Riding Hood"; "Mickey Mouse Club"; "Save Me"; "Private Parts"; "Hey Bartender"; "Framed".