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Organic, Smooth and Sexy with all the right musical ingredients that feeds the soul. Tony J's voice will take you to the top...


Scooter P. one of today’s top jazz drummers, has toured and recorded with artists including Norman Brown, James Ingram, Brian Simpson,The Platters, and Bruce Conte, he has shared the stage with Stevie Wonder, Ronnie Laws, Jennifer Holiday and Will Downing and been on world tour with “Bloodstone.” Tony J. is best known for his years as a front man with the contemporary gospel group “God’s Elect,” he has performed at the infamous “Concerts by the Sea” and opened up for Bebe & Cece Winans, Crystal Lewis, John Gibson and Kenny Smith.

Zascant’s Mission Is Clear Enough. They want to bring back real soul to the marketplace. In producing this recording, Scooter P. and Tony J. have fulfilled part of their dream –– the birth of Zascant. Scooter P. finally gets to show his own talent in writing, arranging, drumming on this great soulful debut CD and with Tony J’s smooth lyrics and harmonic vocal arrangements the duo is complete. They grew up and was inspired by the Isley Brothers, Heat Wave, the Stylistics, Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Sly Stone, James Brown, Herbie Hancock, George Duke, Peabo Bryson, Earth Wind & Fire and Stevie Wonder. We can see where their mission statement was born.

This is what Barry Towler, Soul Express, said in his review; “Tony J’s vocals really are great and this song will warm the old cockles of your heart as it did mine, I’m sure. When I originally checked this CD out on CD Baby I was absolutely convinced about these two gentlemen when I had got about 20 seconds into the KILLER gospel ballad, “Place Of Peace,” which is so strong and so essential that it is beyond belief. This is a straight out classic song in the mould of, say, the Winans and I cannot stop playing it.”

“For Women Only” contains eight original tracks, featuring guest appearance by rapper “Esq.” The album was developed and recorded in Scooter P’s Zascant Music home studio, allowing him and Tony J. to develop the material along the way. The music is best described as “Organic Retro Soul,” old-school soul, with commercial appeal that spans the contemporary and urban markets. It is an innovative return to real soul music with telling lyrics, inventive musical artistry and strong performance from Tony J. and Scooter P. (For additional information, please go to

Zascant’s Manager Myron Bernard, who also manages singer Lynne Fiddmont and drummer Rayford Griffin, said: “Zascant brings the “sing-a-long” vibe back to music. Here you have the hypnotic lead singer supported by smooth backing vocals and a cool beat to keep you moving and grooving on the dance floor. The Zascant sound is new, yet familiar to the heart. The Music Industry definitely needs more of these kind of romantic love songs on the charts today.”

Myron Bernard continues, “The Zascant sound provides the backdrop pulse for the classic contempory soul of R&B. With the wonderful response we got from the advance single, “Please Stay,” overseas, specially in the UK and Japan, I believe they will continue to spread their signature sound of organic love in their debut CD, “For Women Only.”


Please Stay

Written By: A. Johnson III, A. Powell Jr.

I know that I did you wrong
when I broke your trust.
In the night, in the dark.
I realize that this was just too much.
For your heart, I know.
Don’t wanna see you leave
you don’t have to go.
Need your love, for sure.
Girl you’re the one for me
please don’t go away.
Here’s my heart won’t you stay.
Please stay Please stay Please stay
in my life.
I don’t wanna lose you baby.
Please stay Please stay Please stay
in my life.
I realize that I made you cry
and I Broke your heart again
baby Give me one more try.
I promise you’ll see it won’t be the same.
Why don’t you stay.
I’m dying inside Girl don’t walk away.
I need you in my life
There’s no other way.
I know I was a fool
Baby can’t you see.
Let me say to you,
You are all I need.
Why don’t you stay.


Written By: A. Johnson III, A. Powell Jr.

Sunshine I’m so glad that you are mine.
Girl you are my sunshine.
I’m so glad that you are mine.
Pretty eyes pretty face Big hips small waist.
Just the way I like it (Everything I like).
Smile look so sweet Pretty toes pretty feet.
That’s the way I like it (Everything I like).
Always smell good Dress like you should.
And that’s the way I like it (Everything I like).
Stay on my mind Damn you’re so fine.
Just the way I like it (Everything I like).


Spending time with you Anything we do.
Is just the way I like it (Everything I like).
Stars shine above When we make love.
And that’s the way I like it (Everything I like).
Long as I can I’ll be your man.
That’s the way I’d like it (Everything I like).
I hope and pray Together we’ll stay.
That’s the way I like it (Everything I like).
Girl I know that you and me Were meant to be.
So let’s make this thing official now.
And tell our family I will give you everything.
Your heart desires Even more you can’t imagine babe.
What I’m gon’ do Cause I love you.


Can’t Deny The Love

Written By: A. Johnson III, A. Powell Jr.

When I looked into your eyes. I saw your pain.
Then I heard your voice and it said.
Can you stop the rain.
But you won’t give me a chance.
To show you my love and romance.
You said you needed love that’s strong from the start.
Then you close the door to your heart.
Girl I know.

I know you said you’d never fall in love again.
Girl you can’t deny that we’re more than friends. Lovers.
(Can’t deny the love)
I know you said you’d never fall in love again.
Girl you can’t deny that we’re more than friends. Lovers.
(Can’t deny the love).
You know that I love you. You know I really care.
And I’ll always love you. I’ll always be there. Oh!

What we have. Will always be there.
Forever a love to share.
Never will I leave from your, your side.
Promise to never make you cry.



For Women Only - 2005

Set List

(Track Set List)
Time: 45.minute

1. So Fine
2. Sunshine
3. Who Is It
4. Place of Peace
5. Sexy, Sexy
6. Please Stay
7. Can�t Deny The Love
8. Cream

Encore: Please Stay
Reprise: Cream