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One of the most cutting edge sonic experiences on the creative music scene. Zaviot was established in 1986 as one of Israel's premier jazz groups. Zaviot performed in the first Red Sea Jazz Festival and one an award for the most original Israeli jazz group.


Zaviot was created in 1986 in Tel Aviv by Harold Rubin, Mark Smulian, Tommy Bellman and Reuben Hoch. The group performed throughout Israel and represented jazz from Israel throughout Europe. Zaviot recorded 3 albums on Jazzis Records which featured guest artists Christoph Spendel and Dave Liebman.

The group toured Germany in 1989 with the late saxophone great, Jim Pepper. Zaviot appeared at Jazz Ost West, Leverkussen Jazz Fest to name a few. Zaviot was widely appreciated in Europe as one of the jazz scenes most original groups. Zaviot's influences are ecclectic and include Miles Davis, Weather Report, Charles Mingus and Ornette Coleman.

Zaviot has composed all original material throughout the years. The group features Harold Rubin on clarinet , a versatile artist who is recognized for his paintings and architectural design. Harold is a recent recipient of Israerl's respected Landau Award for musical excellence. At age 75, he continues to charter new artistic territory in both music and art.

Bassist, Mark Smulian received his education at the Mannes College of Music in New York. He has developed a reputation as one of Israel's great musicians and composers. He is very active at his Kfar Saba recording studio.

Guitarist, Arli Lieberman at age 21 is the newest member of the group. He fashions himself after guitarists the likes of John Scoffield, Jimmy Paige and Jimi Hendrix. This young player is well above his years and shows great promise. He has contributed greatly to Zaviot's unique improvisational approach.

Drummer, Reuben Hoch returned to the US in 1988 to pursue his musical career. His credits include; The Chassidic Jazz Project, Reuben Hoch and Time, West End Avenue, Dave Liebman, Jim Pepper, Jeff Andrews, Greg Osby, Ron McClure, Don Friedman, Ed Schuller, Lonnie Plaxico, Christoph Spendel, Leni Stern amongst others. He currently resides in South Florida and is highly respected on the jazz scene.

In February 2008, Zaviot reunited for a 20 year reunion album. The group also performed in Tel Aviv at Levontin 7. Zaviot now presents itself as a very strong musical force that looks forward to the release of a new CD and touring. As the group has a very strong connection to The Red Sea Jazz Festival dating back to 1987 and 1988, performance in 2008 can be very exciting to the audience and festival alike.

Check out a segment of Zaviot's recent performance at Levontin 7 in Tel Aviv;


The Telaviv Connection with Christoph Spendel
Zaviot; Unexpected with Dave Liebman

Set List

8 tunes per set ranging 60 minutes perset.