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Zay Swagg

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I am dedicated, talented, young, and I have lots of potential


Isaiah Lane Known as Zay Swagg, Or Swagg Zay is an 14 yr old Artist, and Song writer. He has been rapping since he was 11. He gained his respect and fan gain when his hit single Going In was played on wgci. Zay Swagg won first place in the Ninos Heroes Talent Show when he performed Lettter To Lord. Also he won the best kid artist of the year awards and he begin gaining more fans. Zay Swagg has did several Mixtapes including his current mixtape World On My Back Vol.2. In 2011 Zay Swagg was signed to Down To Earth Entertainment . It was named after one of his verse were he speaks "Yea im down to earth im the next bad dream." Zay Swagg is the next big thing coming soon.


Down To Earth Entertainment was named after one of Swagg Zay verses where he speaks "Yea im down to earth im the next bad dream". Also he is under management by Room who has been promoting his music booking him and many more. Swagg Zay is the only artist under Down To Earth Ent but is featured with Buc Geez Buretta, Goonie Looney, Lil Skeet and Prince Jay. Swagg Zay has won many talent shows and has been featured on wgci music mix. Swagg and DTE is currently working on a new album "Straight From Mars" which we be released soon So be on the look out.


Zay Swagg has hosted Buc Geez Mixtape , he also produces, graphic web designing/photography and video editing. Swagg is an song writer, his mixtape 'World On My Back" was an hit he received several downloads and facebook likes etc. Zay Swagg is the next to blow up stay in touch with swagg via facebook, youtube, and twitter etc.


2011- World On My Back Vol.2 Mixtape (Released)

2012- Too Much Single

2012- Straight From Mars Mixtape (Coming Soon

2012- Im Cooler Single

2012- Shawty Going In Single