Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN

Music for the Movie


SPIN THE WORLD-- Film Synopsis, Shoots in Vancouver Fall 2010

Zayne, a rising pop star, feels like he's living the dream when he's signed on the spot by the President of a Mega Music label. But dream turns to nightmare when on the eve of his album's release, the label's President is gone and Zayne gets dropped from the label. He can't bear to reveal the disappointment to anyone, especially not to his girlfriend, whose musical career is just taking off. So he hides his secret and his life spins downward in a cycle of depression and self-destruction that threatens to destroy him. Yet at heart ,Zayne is a fighter and he seizes a lifeline by escaping to Costa Rica and reconnecting with his family at his brother's wedding. The respite gives him new perspective on where he's come from and where he needs to go as a musician and as a human being. Unfortunately, back in the big city it's hard to remember those lessons, especially when the girlfriend he loves is at the center of all those temptations that nearly destroyed him. It's only by letting her go and returning to the roots of his music -- to the mentor he callously left behind as he rose to top -- that he finds the courage to stand alone and share his signature sound with the world.