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São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil | SELF

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil | SELF
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"Choro Brasilian Music Roots - Zé Barbeiro"

authentic instrumentalist of the “Choro Brasilian Music Roots”, Zé Barbeiro is string guitarist with a very personal signature in the development of the melodies with rhythmic unexpected, unorthodox harmonies, explores many dissonant chords and progressions not very common. - official website


1) Nosso Choro (1996) Gravadora CPC-UMES
Site: www.zebarbeiro.com.br/b/b.php/a/r/ip/32/albuns-nosso-choro-1996
2) Primeira Classe, Grupo Nosso Choro, independente 2000
Site: http://www.zebarbeiro.com.br/b/b.php/a/r/ip/41/albuns-primeira-classe-2000
3) Baba de Calango - Choro Rasgado (2004) Gravadora Maritaca.
Site: http://www.zebarbeiro.com.br/b/b.php/a/r/ip/31/albuns-baba-de-calango-2004
4) Segura Bucha - Zè Barbeiro - (2009) independente
Site: http://www.zebarbeiro.com.br/b/b.php/a/r/ip/7/albuns-segura-a-bucha-2009
5) No Salão do Barbeiro - Zé Barbeiro - (2011) independente
Site: http://www.zebarbeiro.com.br/b/b.php/a/r/ip/30/albuns-no-salao-do-barbeiro-2011



" Zé Barbeiro - Joe Barber" was born in 1952 in Sao Jose dos Campos, Alagoas, Brazil he settled with his family, a boy in Carapicuiba-Sao Paulo, practiced as a barber (home of her stage name) for over 30 years and taught himself to play the 7-string guitar. In Brazil, the barbers were the main places of diffusion of "Choro Brasilian Roots Music"

Choro is the original Carnival music of Brazil, predating both samba and bossa nova. The music emerged in Rio de Janeiro in the 19th century, and was rooted in Portuguese fado and other European chamber styles. Choro -- which literally means "weeping" -- was played by small combos, usually including guitars, flutes, and small Brazilian guitars called cavaquinhos. Other instruments sometimes included mandolins, clarinets, and even saxophones. It was one of the first truly homegrown Brazilian musical styles, and offered a foretaste of the musical explosion that would take place in the country in the next century. the turn of the nineteenth century until today, cafes and bars all over Rio and São Paulo - This genre has directly influenced the music of Villa Lobos the great Brazilian composer of classical music
Throughout his youth and adulthood " Zé Barbeiro - Joe Barber" heard and played "Choro Brasilian Roots Music", more than 40 years as a guitarist and now at 60 years of age is one of the most respected guitarists of Choro in Brazil. In his career accompanied renowned musicians as Elizete Cardozo,Altamiro Carrilho and Yamandú Coast. He participated in severalalbum recordings and has three CDs with his group “ Nosso Choro” “ Choro Rasgado” and two CDs with his own music, “ Segura a Bucha” e “ No Salão do Barbeiro” is the recipient of several awards in Brazil and is influenced a new generation of musicians Choro in Brazil.