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Z Chambers

Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2016

Los Angeles, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2016
Solo Pop R&B




"Z Chambers - "Inside Out""

Emerging pop/R&B artist Z Chambers’ new single, “Inside Out,” reflects on the aftermath of a painful heartbreak.

Following the release of his recent single, “Now That It’s Over,” which touches upon feeling relieved that the stress of a fading relationship is finally done, Z Chambers is back to address the other side - wishing it didn’t end.

“Inside Out” features smooth and vibey production from producer SZY, who also worked on “Now That It’s Over.” Accompanied by emotion-filled vocals, this new track is easy to relate to.

Favorite line: “Now the poison you left in me’s, tearin’ apart the seams, why’d you have to do me like that?”

Z Chambers does a wonderful job of connecting with his audience through his music. While lyrically “Inside Out” is vulnerable and heartfelt, it also exudes authenticity and contains a sense of comfort. These songs are like having a deep conversation with a friend who just truly understands and gets what you’re going through. - Untold Music Promotion

"Bop of the Day"

Z Chambers: Inside Out. This song is straight fire. If you have a chance check out his profile for the full song! - That Music Chick

"Spotlight: Z Chambers Releases “Young & Dumb”"

Everyone loves a good pop artist. Even the most metal and hardcore fans can appreciate at least a single pop artist. And if you like Justin Bieber, Halsey, Charlie Puth, The Ambassadors, or even Nick Jonas (maybe even the Jonas Brothers as an artist), you are going to want to read on. The mainstream music (“pop” does stand for popular music) has placed such an emphasis on celebrity music. There are a ton of up and coming artists though, who can often sound better than some of the more well-known artists. Today’s spotlight goes to an artist who has truly brought pop to the next level.

With a name like Z Chambers, it is easy to become interested in knowing who he is. Z Chambers is based in Los Angeles, California and is certainly in the right music scene to network and play music. Emerging from the woods in 2017, he released his first 3 singles that California would become obsessed with. Despite being a newer artist, he has gained a decent amount of traction in having fans from over 32 countries and an average of 64 monthly listeners on Spotify. While that may not seem like a lot compared to what you may expect from prior bands we have covered, make no mistake. For being a new artist in the music scene, this is an incredible accomplishment and there is no doubt that future releases will increase that number. The thing that many forget is that it often takes years and sometimes decades for artists to gain a significant amount of traction. Very few musicians have become big being so brand new to a music scene. He also recently released his most successful single and definitive sound titled “Now That It's Over" in April 2021 which is his 3rd most popular song on his Spotify.

I’m sure many of us can relate to feeling younger in our years and hoping that those wonderful moments would last forever. This song talks about just that-feeling so on top of the world, having fun, and wanting to hold on to those pure moments. The song features an older-Justin Bieber-like beat mixed with Jason Derulo if you remember some of his older work. The instrumentals will definitely take you back to the 2010’s era of pop music, while the vocals feature a more modern twist. Lyrically, the lyrics are catchy, simple and easy to understand the story. You’ll want to listen to this song when having a tough breakup, or when you want to hold on to a specific moment in time. This song is also great when coming home after an incredible concert, and need a fun song to keep you in the memories of the show. Vocally, the lyrics are sung soft, yet every note is pitch-perfect. While vocally, the notes are similar to Jason Derulo’s vocal ranges, there is a hint of autotune that adds a more electronic vibe to the song. Z Chambers articulates the lyrics smoothly and creates easy to follow lyrics that will get stuck in your head. Z Chambers has created a melodically and instrumentally incredible work of a song. The harmonies and background vocals also add a nice touch to the already masterful song that is, “Young & Dumb”. The song blends together as if it were a professional painting in a museum and overall, is easy to get stuck in your head for the next month.

In short, it would be no surprise if Z Chambers were to double his numbers on Spotify with “Young & Dumb”. This song in particular, would give anyone nostalgia to the 2010’s with a more modern take of the era. Z Chambers may be new to the Los Angeles music scene, though will clearly make an impact on many listeners who enjoyed the 2010’s pop music more than some of our latest hits. Z Chambers has clearly taken a throwback approach to his music with this latest single. And like most of his prior work, can and will get stuck in your head for a long time.

Written by: Blake Matthews (he/him) - Mission Music Foundation

"Top Five Songs"

"Inside Out" has been named one of the Top Five Songs in the latest SongwriterUniverse "Best Song Of The Month" Contest. - SongwriterUniverse


Young & Dumb (Single, 2021)
Inside Out (Single, 2021)
Now That It's Over (Single, 2021)
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Breakout (Single, 2020)
Dark Room (Single, 2020)
Captured (Single, 2019)
We Thought It Would Last Forever (Single, 2019)
Cold (Single, 2019)
Another Lover (Single, 2018)
Still Hold My Heart (Single, 2018)
Hearts and Diamonds (Single, 2018)
Victory (EP, 2017)
Fire of Love (EP, 2017)



Z Chambers launched onto the music scene in 2018 with numerous fresh R&B pop tracks and recently released his most successful singles and definitive sound in 2021.

Each song and production comes with its own visual world and as a recording artist, his messaging of hope and another recent release  ‘Breakout’ (2020) has gained him followers in more than 32 countries. Z Chambers takes a lot of influence from his love of films to support his career; from storytelling and production to visuals and aesthetic, where he carefully crafts movie reviews for his followers on YouTube.

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