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"We love to jam and create new feels or rhythms to a song, come up with melodies and just expand. It's the creative burst of energy that's forced out of you that makes it an unforgettable experience."

Pfresh: How was Zayne Couch Explosion created and who are your influences?
Zayne Couch Explosion: I started taking guitar lessons when i was 12 and after a couple of years my teacher Jeff Giglio (Bass) set up multiple jam sessions with local players. We jammed with a bunch of people while working on a solid set list of 40+ songs by Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Frank Zappa, Phish, Albert King, etc. John Rivers from Somatic Sound recorded us playing at an outdoor zipline waterpark in Portland, CT. We then made that our demo using it to get us shows at clubs, parties, fairs, and a couple of outdoor music festivals until finally we found Ollie Hammerle (Drums). For the last year now we have been expanding our horizons by playing as many shows as possible and coming into practice with new ideas, new original songs, and new shows. Since Ollie came in last year we've had a new spark to the group that livens up the room! I think we all get a long so well because of our influences in music. Ollie, Jeff, and I grew up listening to the Grateful Dead, Frank Zappa, Wes Montgomery, Phish, Jimi Hendrix, Bjork, Radiohead, Green Day, and VersaEmerge for some. We have a weird mesh of influences but i think that's a positive thing because the each of us brings a very different personality and color to our music.

Pfresh: What's your favorite part of being involved in music?
Zayne Couch Explosion: Definitely playing Live Shows. I say this because when we play out, we never play a song the same way twice. We love to jam and create new feels or rhythms to a song, come up with melodies and just expand. It's the creative burst of energy that's forced out of you that makes it an unforgettable experience. The people that come and see us always tell us they really enjoy how we do that. That's always a reassuring thing.

Pfresh: What have you been up to and what's on the horizon?
Zayne Couch Explosion: Recently all three of us have been writing songs or melodies that we bring to practice to work on. Ollie has been bringing out old ones that we've morphed by Jamming on them at practice and collaborating together on all fronts. We also have a few shows for the Summertime that we're really excited about, you can check our facebook page for updates about those too! For our future, i really want to record an EP..... and take over the world! But to start off, we're gonna keep playing our music out as much as we can and achieve a bigger audience that appreciates it. You know how i said playing live shows was our favorite part of being involved in music?, well, writing and collaborating is a very close second for us! Being able to express our minds through music is a wonderful thing. This is what we've really always wanted to do. Create and share our music with the world. - Project Fresh Magazine


Circadian Rhythm (EP) 2013



Zayne Couch Explosion is an Original Rock/Jam/Prog trio from Connecticut. ZCX's music is a combination of upbeat and energetic songs with a lot of improvisation.We are not your typical rock/jam band because our music is constantly pushing the tempos and flexing the time signatures. All of our songs have a unique structure to them..but the jams are open to infinity and beyond!
Ollie, Jeff, and I really enjoy to play together and collaborate on ideas. Some of our influences are Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix, Phish, Bjork, Radio Head, and VersaEmerge.Our influences being so different, allow us to connect musically while learning from each other as well. Its a constant growing process that we share and we cant wait to spread it with the world!