Anointed, humble, understanding, loving, musical, energized, great character, discipline, tough, different. In all our ways we acknowledge christ and keep him first. The most observant characteristic of GoodFaith is that we never do for self, but remember that all things are done for Christs glory.


GoodFaith brings a new flavor to the Gospel world, with a new and creative sound. Born in both Philly, PA and Detroit, Michigan. These two phenomenal outspoken individuals are truly focused on Jesus the christ. Spreading GOD's holy word throughout the world trying to tell others about his goodness. At the ages of 20 and 21, GoOdFaItH is heading in the right path. They both started off with a very strong love and passion for music. Not just any music though! They believe in christian music that allows them to pour out their hearts to God and hopefully touch others through the all mighty. The artist, Duron, grew up experiencing many different things in his life that has made him the man he is today. The most challenging of them all is the fact that with HIP HOP and R & B, Their are so many more opportunities to be successful in a music business, but he thought to himself that since God has given him a blessing of talent to offer it back to him and use it for God's glory. Producer, Jose, grew up on an unfortunate side not being able to enjoy his younger life like most teens did, and got discouraged many times. Jose found a friend in Jesus and promised to live his life for him as long as he continues to bless him and provide his needs. Jose now has a beautiful wife, and is expecting a child very soon. God is truly amazing as long as you keep him first.


One Question

Written By: Duron Bentley

Title: One Question

Composer: Duron W. Bentley

Chorus: I only got one question, only need one answer/ if you had to choose who would you serve, who would you stand for/ its simple, just think about it take a minute ask a friend/ and if ya didn’t get my question I can I ask you again/

Verse 1: Now let me help you dog so you can make a decision/ without words I can show you man just use ya vision/ he’s all around you man dog I’m talkin’ bout Jesus/ he will neva eva leave you for any reason/ stay in his arms he can be yo everything/ you can shine in Jesus and you don’t even need the bling/ its real talk, comin’ from a real heart squashed all the silliness man I had to start/ 1..2../ from my thoughts to my words, from my words to the pen, from my pen to the paper, from my paper came a song/ if God had a plan he had It planned all along/ I can feel it in my soul gotta story that gotta told/ 99 and a half nope I gotta be whole/ I neva really had it hard man fightin’ the outside/ but it was a struggle man fightin’ this inside/ until I opened both of my eyes/ man I only got one question/

Verse 2: A good choice is equivalent to choosin’ God/ you want a change over in ya life choose him now/ curious is the world they wanna ask us how/ so lets take em’ to first John and show them how/ that one question can be answered just open ya heart/ there’s a prize in the end focus on the mark/ good things come ya way when ya join the fam/ the gate ways open up when you join the fam/ but there’s a process that must take place/ doing it you will get the privilege of meetin’ ya father in grace/ I wrote this song intendin’ on scarin’ many people this song ain’t got nothin’ on what I plan for the sequel/ many don’t like me, many gone laugh/ but when God judges us only few gone pass/ take a look at your surroundings the end is near/ if this song got you shook dog you filled with fear/

Verse 3: I couldn’t pat you on the back and tell you everything’s ok/ especially livin’ in day month year of today/ don’t be afraid ask y2k/ the church house if fallin’ y of two day/ the facts is what we gotta face/ I gotta word, gotta give it then its gone without trace/ focus on ya future leave the past in the past/ focus on yo soul cuz that’s what gonna last/ from the beginnin’ of time shoulda been on ya mind the one purpose of life gotta watch out for the signs/ man cuz its crazy I rather be with the most high/ cuz when those clouds crack dogg im tryna meet him in sky/ im tryna spend eternity wit my Jesus/ so what else do you need dogg no reason/ this is my purpose and my goal/ my life to behold/ chapter one dog I gotta story be told, got one question/

Take me back

Written By: Duron Bentley

Title: Lord take me back

Composer: Duron W. Bentley

Chorus: Lord take me back, back to the beginning where your love is at/ put my trust in the world but they turned their backs/ I’m just a saint that has fallen so what’s wrong wit that/
Lord guide my feet, show me where to go so you and I can meet/ keep my eyes on the mark and keep them out of the streets/ I thank you in advance for ya love for me/

Verse 1: Give me the order to go, navigate my feet so your word can be told/ Open up my mouth give me courage to speak, open up my heart share your that so sweet/ see imma follow you/ I wanna walk where your footsteps were once at, endure some pain that you went through from way back/ but yet and still you rose and that’s all that matters/ I’m striving to mimic you but please help me to get better/ I’m like a child in the world lost all alone, screaming for help cuz I’m scared and I’m far from home/ I spin around but theirs no one within sight/ but yet I’m startled by a man walking from a light/ to my surprise as I look its my heavenly father, he told me that he’s always there and to look no further/ he held me close and would not let go, I can feel what’s real and now I know/

Verse 2: I wanna follow you lord please so show the way/ to the highway of glory and a brighter day/ now that’s a picture perfect moment lord so imma pray/ me and you we like Kodak so imma stay/ nuff of the games I’m maintainn’ my same status/ we holy rollers on the role boy try to catch us/ you mesmerized by the skills instilled by Christ/ he gave me skills I’m givin em’ back to the head of my life/ Fact one we walk amongst this earth in God we’re family but not from birth/ fact two he can see all on this surface behind closed doors even behind those curtains/ what we do in Christ will last to the end/ give up your all to your father he saved us from sin/ what can amount to the greatness of God himself/ not a fame, not a fortune non of these riches or wealth/ talk to him/

Verse 3: It’s a matter of time before he comes back/ and if you ain’t ready now it’s time to handle that/ it’s time to pace ya self man the clocks runnin’/ this is a race to the end show if you really want it/ he’s here to save you man go head and take advantage/ you’ve been left before but he’ll never abandon/ you’ve been hurt before it’s time to feel loved/ any time you feel lost your guide is up above/ puttin’ yo trust in JESUS you will neva lose/ its time to figure that out or its time to really choose/ if this wasn’t serious man I wouldn’t waste time/ spending endless hours tellin’ white lies/ truth of the matter its real/ its real life/ we gone party in hell don’t believe that hype/ God is amazing he’s a wonderful kind/ give him a minute of your life and you will know what I mean Please!/

Chruch House

Written By: Duron Bentley

Title: Churchhh house

Composer: Duron W. Bentley

Chorus: In that church house is where you gone find me fired up/ neva satisfied cuz I just can’t get enough/ look around you, you can find Christ everywhere/ Christ saved me he can save you I swear/

Verse 1: a you can find me in that church house given’ up praise/ to that big man above you already know that name/ lets get it right/ comin’ at you hard as you see/ I had to change it up but I’m the same o’l me/ disguise my words so I can put it in the streets/ It ain’t a rapper alive that can bring this much heat/ I can feel it in my soul/ gotta story that gotta be told/ with enough energy empty space couldn’t hold/ lets keep it real/ gotta be holy in these steets cuz the world will knock you up in a minute na mean wait n see/ I can spit the word all day/ but If it ain’t changin’ me then I must change my ways/ see I can go about it this way end up in the heavens/ touchin’ young people sayin’ trust in Jesus/ give em’ a remedy that can fix all their problems/ imagine yo life without the pain or the struggles/

Verse 2: I’m back on the mic wit a second verse/ gotta sixteen that’s so hot im about to burst/ imma have to cool down bring on a lil rain/ gotta leak in my lyrics so my mouth is the drain/ lets get it poppin’/ imma re-define real talk/ all these phonies before the represented all talk/ im the house makin’ my mark got Christ all in/ imma change the game like candy paint and imma shine to the end/ opportunity is endless when you dealin’ wit Christ/ that’s why you see my silhouette Christ leading the life/ ain’t nothing better than direction comin’ from up above/ I can not lie I was lost I was livin’ the strug/ to word of mouth got around bout some new found love/ I had to look up to the sky/ yeah this grown man cried/ I had to do some self maintenance had to clean out the rust/ got a new shine afta polish/ if you ready you can find me/

Set List

Jesus Man- 5 min
Church House- 3 min
Temptation- 6 min
One Question- 4 min
Rockstar- 3 min
Take me back- 4 min