zealots desire

zealots desire


Zealots Desire has some new ways of playing old concepts. Zealots Desire is a band of intectual music, in melody and lyrics. the songs are progressive, dynamic, and quite catchy. We are moving at a great pace, so keep your ears open. I promise you will know us, even if it breaks our backs.


Zealots Desire has some extreme talent in it.
Guitar riffs, and melodys that grab your soul.
Hookey bass lines that will be stuck in your head for days, and some kick you in the balls drumming, thatll leave your mouth hanging open, im sure of it.
We have so many influences between the four of us, that our music ends up getting a very unique sound from our unique blend of tastse in music.
The dynamics of classical music, with progressive writting, sealed with the loud soft dynamics grunge created... we are somthine new, yet farmilliar.


check us out @ myspace.com/zealotsdesire.
currently we are played almost daily on canadian music radio

Set List

We can play any set... from a half hour to an hour and a half

When we do covers.... we have an amazing cover we do of "no quarter", by zep. We also like to cover "man in a box", by alice in chains.
System of a down is one band we are quite good at.

our shows are strong.... so strong in fact, that our recordings do them no justice at all... which is somthing we pride ourselves in.